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Duck Helps The Diesel is a custom Thomas & Friends episode for Season 7. It is narrated by Michael Angelis. This is the first Season 7 episodes not to be narrated by Michael Brandon for the US version.


Duck warns The Diesel not to go on an old branch line, but The Diesel doesn't listen and collects some trucks and take them to the station, but suddenly, they push him down the hill, and he crashes off the line, down a hill and smashes into a stinky barn. So, Duck helps him back on the line and The Fat Controller scolds The Diesel and punishes him into the smelter shed for two months.

Featured Characters

  • Duck
  • Arthur
  • The Diesel
  • Thomas
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • The Farmer
  • The Fat Controller
  • Troublesome Trucks


  • This is The Diesel's first accident.


  • The Diesel sounds like Kiku from Little Bill.


  • Narrator: The Diesel went thundering down the line as the trucks pushed him!
  • D261: Stop!
  • Narrator: He cried. But no one can stop him. The Diesel saw that there were some buffers. And up ahead, there was a grassy hill.
  • D261: Oh no!!
  • Narrator: Screamed The Diesel.
  • D261: I'm going to go down a grassy hill!!
  • Narrator: And he crashed through the buffers and went down the hill.
  • D261: Heeellp!!
  • Narrator: Called The Diesel. But no one could hear him. He saw a stinky barn. It was owned by a farmer.
  • D261: Oh no! This is gonna be bad!
  • Narrator: The Diesel cried. And it was. Then he shut his eyes and applided his brakes. But he crashed into the barn with a loud smash!
  • D261: Ahh! Ouch!
  • Narrator: He wailed. The troublesome trucks laughed. They felt very pleased with themselves.
  • D261: What happened?
  • Narrator: Said The Diesel as he opened his eyes. The farmer was very cross.
  • The Farmer: You have frightened my animals! I will send for Duck to take you to The Fat Controller!
  • Narrator: The Diesel felt silly. Later, Duck raced to The Diesel's rescue with the Breakdown Train. He arrived just in time to see The Diesel in the barn.
  • Duck: (laughs) Looks like The Diesel is the stinky diesel in a barn.
  • Narrator: He teased. The Diesel felt sillier still. Soon, he was lifted on the Breakdown Train's flatbed. Duck took him to The Fat Controller. He looked crossly at The Diesel. He was not happy.
  • The Fat Controller: Diesel! You had caused a lot of trouble! You were in a bad behaviour!
  • D261: I'm sorry.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: No, you're not!
  • D261: Sir, I said I was so sorry. It wasn't my fault. It was those silly trucks.
  • The Fat Controller: Silence!! For your punishment, you'll be in the smelter shed for the next ninety-nine years!
  • The Fat Controller: Oh Yes I am! Don't give me that nonsense!! You'll be working here! Understand?!
  • Narrator: The Diesel said nothing.
  • Duck: You were right, sir.
  • Narrator: Said Duck.
  • The Fat Controller: Yes, you are a really useful engine.
  • Duck: Thank you, sir.
  • Narrator: Said Duck. He was a more really useful engine on the Island of Sodor.

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