Duck rescues Sixteen when he falls into a puddle of mud

  • Thomas
  • Top Hat


  • Gordon
  • Spencer
  • Sixteen
  • Duck
  • Mavis
  • Emily (cameo)
  • Diesel(cameo)
  • Ten cents
  • Sunshine
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Zug
  • Zip

Narrator: More and more people came on the railway.The engines are working hard indeed.

Top Hat: "No one can say"

Narrator: Said Top Hat

Top Hat: "that we're afraid of hard work but-"

Gordon: "We draw the line of goods trains."

Narrator: finished Gordon

Spencer: "Dirty trucks,dirty sidings,UGH!"

Narrator: put in Spencer

Duck: "What are you boiler aching about?"

Narrator: Asked Duck

Duck: "I remember on the Great western-"

Top Hat: "That tin pot railway."

Duck: "Tin pot indeed,let me tell you."

Sir Topham Hatt: "Silence!"

Narrator: Ordered a well known voice

Sir Topham Hatt: "Let me tell you, a engine from the midlands will come here tomorrow."

Narrator: The news in the scene spread with acclimation.

Narrator: The engines waited and waited at Knapford Station

Thomas: "Look, there he is!"

Narrator: Shouted thomas excitedly

Narrator:The engine puffed into the station, he was a saddletank engine. He looks a lot like Wilbert but he's dark red and has a number 16. The engines were most surprised.

Ten Cents: So you're Sixteen, we heard stories about you.

Sunshine: You remind me of Wilbert

Sixteen: "I've kind've look like Wilbert but were not brothers."

Narrator : One of Sixteen's first jobs was at the yard. he saw a mud puddle and he wanted to splash in it. His driver prevented him.

Sixteen's Driver: If there's a puddle on the track you shouldn't go through it.

Sixteen: I can take care of myself

Narrator: One wet day, Sixteen's chance came,it rained hard that night, the rails were slippery. Sixteen was pulling the trucks that day to the yard. Sixteen had a plan.

'Sixteen': Will you give me a bump at the mud puddle? I'll pretend to stop in the same place.

Narrator: The trucks were never asked to bump an engine before. Mavis, Zip and Zug were working in the yard when they saw Sixteen.

Sixteen: My driver doesn't know my plan.

Zip: What's sixteen doing?

Zug: He always wanted to pass that board,so he's going to do it.

Narrator: the trucks bumped Sixteen and they passed the board

Sixteen's Driver: You silly engine

Sixteen: Wasn't my fault, it was those trucks.

Sixteen's driver: You always wanted to pass that board, so you asked the trucks to bump us on purpose.

Narrator: he said. Mavis and a foreman ran towards them.

Mavis: What are doing over there Sixteen? It's not safe!

Sixteen's driver: The trucks bumped us.

Narrator: he explained.

Foreman: Come with me to my office you fireman, get your engine back to firm ground before it's too late.

Narrator: It was already too late. The rails beneath Sixteen began to sink. If Sixteen's fireman move the engine now, it make things worse. He jumped clear and the trucks broke away to safety. The rails sank into the mud.

Sixteen: Help me, I'm drowning !

Duck: I'm going to pull you out. Just don't move.

Narrator: They put a rope between Sixteen and Duck.

Sixteen's driver: were ready.

Narrator:Duck began to pull and the rope began to tightened and held.At last Sixteen was out of the mud.

Sir Topham Hatt: You have been a very naughty engine.As for a punishment I'll send you in the shed for two months.

Sixteen: But sir, it was those trucks!

Sir Topham Hatt: Enough of your excuses, Sixteen!

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt turned away. With that,he was in the shed for two months for his punishment.


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