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DOaWB is, obviously enough, short for Duck Off A Water's Back. And what that is is much more difficult to explain.

A good description of the original DOaWB, an epic semi-autobiographical novella that I was gradually writing is this: "Well, it's sort of lots of different people, who you only hear about in little vignettes. Interspersed with random musings, my thoughts, autobiographical anecdotes, anything else I can cram in. It's not being feverishly worked on, I'm just gradually adding to it. Generally when i'm in a "higher state of consciousness"

Now, it has evolved through extensive restructuring, and help from several people who shall be named and/or shamed at some future point. Now, it is anyone who wants to comment's random musing, thoughts and anecdotes, their characters and vignettes.

Please, add to DOaWB, just make a new page and speak your mind. Be it a rant against the establishment, about drugs, about anything, just speak, and enjoy.

I'm Finn, and this is your life according to you. Peace, y'all.

Fnord Poverty And Man's Relation To Nature Category

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