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Duck Saves James and Daisy is the first episode of the fourth season of Thomas the ERTL Adventures.


James and Daisy say vain engines don't work hard.

Characters Featured

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Duck
  • Daisy
  • Stepney
  • D261
  • BoCo (Cameo)
  • Frieght Cars
  • Sir Topham Hatt


  • Narrator: Duck the Great Western Engine was at Knapford Station listening to the noise outside. The frieght cars were very angry. Thomas arrived.
  • Thomas: There's trouble in the shed, Duck. James is sulking, there's no train and the frieght cars are saying this is a bad railway.
  • Duck: Don't worry, Thomas. I'll tell James that he has to do his run.
  • Narrator: Duck found James and Daisy at the shed, who are very cross.
  • Duck: Come along, James. Your train is ready.
  • Daisy: James' not going! We woudn't work hard like bluebell tank engines! That was Stepney's job!
  • James: We're vain engines! We shunt trains and we push them! Vain engines don't shunt!
  • Duck: We see about that. I'll do James' work for him.
  • Narrator: And he hurried off to do James' job. Soon, he pulled the frieght cars.
  • Duck: No nonsence. I'll get you to the station. And no tricks.
  • Narrator: And the frieght cars did behave when Duck arrived at Knapford Station.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Well done, Duck. You've done James' work! You're a really useful engine.
  • Duck: Thank you, sir!
  • Narrator: And he ran back to the sheds. Later, when Stepney returnted from his drink, he could see that James and Daisy were arguing about vain engines that don't work hard.
  • James: Vain engines are not hard workers.
  • Stepney: They're rude. (laughs)
  • Daisy: We don't!
  • James: We don't!
  • Daisy: We don't!
  • Narrator: Stepney was still laughing as James and Daisy left the shed.
  • James: Vain engines don't work hard!
  • Daisy: We never work hard!!
  • Narrator: But as they puffed along, they saw D261 by a cliff. D261 was surprised to see James and Daisy puffing along the line.
  • D261: WATCH OUT!!
  • Narrator: But Daisy crashed into him, and he fell off the cliff and into the ravine bellow, She hung dangerously over the edge.
  • Daisy: HEEEELLLPPP!!!
  • Narrator: James tried to pull his girlfriend back on the rails, but his wheels were slipping.
  • James: Oooohh, I can't do it!!
  • Narrator: Daisy slide over the edge of the cliff.
  • Daisy: Oh no! Help me!
  • James: I can't do it!!!
  • Narrator: Soon, the coupling snapped, and Daisy tumbled down into the ravine below with a smash.
  • Daisy: Ouch!
  • James: Oh, Sir Topham Hatt's going to find out what we had done.
  • Daisy: He'll be so disapointed.
  • James: Yeah. (cries and Daisy cries too)
  • Narrator: Soon, Duck arrived with Rocky to lift Daisy and D261 back on the rails. Thomas took D261 to the Dieselworks to be repaired.
  • Daisy: Thank you, Duck.
  • James: We're sorry. We're vain engines and we shoudn't say that we don't work hard.
  • Duck: We'll get you back home.
  • Narrator: Soon, Sir Topham Hatt looked James and Daisy. He was not happy.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I'm very dissapointed with you two, James and Diesel! You had said that you don't work hard! As punishment, you'll be in your shed for two months!
  • James: Two months?! You can't be serious!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Yes, I am!
  • Narrator: And he walked away, leaving James and Daisy very sad.
  • Duck: Serves you right! For saying that vain engines don't work hard!
  • Narrator: James and Daisy were ashamed. They still have lots to learn, don't they?

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