Duck Saves the day

After helping Big Mac up the hill, the trucks chase Duck and he tried to stop them.

  • Duck
  • Edward (cameo)
  • Big Mac (doesn't speak)
  • Diesel (mentioned)
  • Thomas
  • Duck's driver
  • Duck's Fireman
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Emily
  • The Spiteful brakevan
  • Troublesome trucks

Narrator: Duck the great western engine works very hard every day, Diesel told lies about him and made the engine thought he was horrid and he was sent away. One day, he was talking to Emily about his accident with some trucks.

Duck: When I crashed into the barber shop, the barber gave me a close shave, it happened once, and it was a few years ago.

Emily: (giggles) You must've looked funny when you had that close shave on you.

Narrator: Then Sir Topham Hatt came to see Duck.

Sir Topham Hatt: Duck, I need you to help Big Mac up the hill.

Duck: Yes sir

Narrator: Then Sir Topham Hatt left.

Duck: I'll see you, Emily a little while.

Emily: Okay Duck, I'll see you but look out for the barber shop. (laughs)

Duck: (groans) Please try and forget that, I don't well remember it a little.

Emily: Okay duck but don't say I didn't warn you.

Narrator: Duck puffed away, he was helping Bic Mac up Gordon's hill.

Duck: Goodbye

Narrator: He rolled gentley to the other line, while he was going down, he heard a whistle.

Duck: That's strange, that's the guard's whistle, but we don't have a guard.

Narrator: His driver heard it too and looked in front.

Duck's driver: There's no train nearby but I thought we heard the guard's whistle.

Narrator: Then the driver looked back.

Duck's driver: Hurry Duck, hurry!

Duck's fireman: what why?

Duck's driver: Never mind that, some trucks are chasing us!

Narrator: There were twelve heavily loaded trucks, and they were rolling faster and faster.

Troublesome trucks: On. on, on!

Narrator: They yelled, the guard saved Duck, since the trucks knocked him off his van, he ran behind to attract the driver's attention.

Duck's Fireman: Now what?

Duck's Driver: As fast as we can, then they catch us gradualy.

Narrator: Duck whistled loudly through Edward's station and the trucks catched them with suddenly jerk. They went faster and faster, they went around a bend. Another train was clearing out of the station on their line. Duck braked hard on

Duck: I must stop them, I must!

Narrator: The last coach cleared the platform. Duck closed his eyes in horror. Then felt a sudden swerve. Duck's driver had an idea.

Duck's driver: Find the biggest pole and put the brakes hard on, that way we can uncouple the trucks and they can go slower and we be able to stop them. Hurry, or the trucks will beat us.

Narrator: The fireman hurried, he put the brakes hard on, then he found the pole in front of the brakevan. Then he climbed into Duck's cab. He grabbed the pole and used it uncoupled the runaway train. The trucks were going slower and slower. There was a bridge near the station and it was used for years. Duck quickley crossed it. He heard a loud crack. the bridge was collasping and Duck crossed just in time.

'The spiteful brakevan': Stop, stop!

Troublesome Trucks: What?!

Narrator: The Spiteful brakevan tried to stop but he couldn't. The trucks splashed into the lake. The Spiteful Brakevan was smashed into pieces and he floated on the lake. Duck's driver looked back and all he can see now is the brown rushing stream. Sir Topham Hatt had to close the line to repair the bridge. When the bridge was repaired and everyone was careful to cross the bridge including Duck was the most careful as always.


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