Duck and Harry is a Season 4 episode of Thomas the ERTL Adventures.


Duck warns a new tank engine named Harry, but Harry ignores his advice. Soon, while pulling a frieght train and racing past Thomas, Edward, Gordon, James, Oliver and Emily, Harry has a bad fall off a cliff and gets smashed. So Duck rescues him. At the Crovan's Gate, Sir Topham Hatt punishes Harry for two months.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy (cameo)
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas (cameo)
  • Oliver
  • Emily
  • Harry (new character)
  • Sir Topham Hatt

Voice Actors


  • Narrator: Duck the Great Western Engine worked on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway. He was a busy engine and likes pulling frieght cars. One morning, Sir Topham Hatt came to Tidmouth Sheds. He had important news.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Duck, I want to teach a new tank engine called Harry.
  • Duck: Yes, sir! Emily, you're right.
  • Emily: Yes, Duck!
  • Narrator: And Duck puffed away to meet Harry. He was very excited. Soon, Duck arrived to see Harry. But Harry wasn't nice. He was mean. Duck told him about his rules
  • Duck: Hello, Harry. I'm here to teach you, so I'll warn you.
  • Narrator: Harry didn't like being told what to do by a Great Western Engine.
  • Harry: Oh, pah! A Great Western Engine wants to know what!
  • Narrator: But Duck still give him warnings.
  • Duck: So, be careful.
  • Narrator: But Harry ignored Duck's advice. The next morning, Duck and Harry were at Tidmouth Sheds.
  • Duck: Be careful with frieght cars, because they push you off the rails.
  • Narrator: But Harry ignored Duck's advice.
  • Harry: Pah! Frieght Cars?! Freight Cars??!!
  • Duck: Yeah, they want to play tricks on you.
  • Harry: Play tricks?!
  • Narrator: And Harry steamed out of the shed. He arrived at the yard. There was a frieght train.
  • Harry: Ugh, I don't like frieght trains. That's least for good tank engines.
  • Narrator: And he buffered up to it and pulled it out of the yard. Harry raced over bridges and through tunnels.
  • Harry: I'll let you show me how fast I can go!! Watch me!!
  • Narrator: Harry raced past Thomas.
  • Thomas: Frizzling fireboxs! What was that?!
  • Narrator: And he raced past Edward.
  • Edward: Slow down, speedy!
  • Narrator: And he raced past Gordon.
  • Gordon: Rail raider!
  • Narrator: And he raced past James.
  • James: Watch my paintwork!
  • Narrator: And he raced past Oliver.
  • Oliver: Bubbling boilers!!
  • Narrator: And he raced past Mavis.
  • Mavis: Trembling Tracks! Who was that?!
  • Narrator: And he raced past Stanley.
  • Stanley: Fizzling fenders!!
  • Narrator: And he raced past Emily.
  • Emily: Bust my buffers!!
  • Narrator: All over Sodor, Harry raced past all the engines.
  • Harry: (laughs) Now, I'll get to the station on time!
  • Narrator: Meanwhile, Sir Topham Hatt was at his office when he heard the noise.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: What is all that noise inside?! I'll go better and stop this right away.
  • Narrator: Later, Harry was puffing along the line. There was a cliff, with a hugh ravine below. Harry gasped.
  • Harry: Flaming fireboxs! I can't stop!
  • Narrator: And he crashed into the buffers and fell down the ravine bellow. Harry hit it hard with a loud crash and pieces flew everywhere! Luckly, Harry had landed on the ground of the ravine. Some trucks were off, and some stayed on the rails. Harry felt very silly.
  • Harry: What if I can't take these trucks sometimes?
  • Narrator: He remembered what he was rescued many times.
  • Harry: Oh, I'm going to be staying here for the rest of my life. (cries)
  • Narrator: Harry began to cry. His driver went for help. Duck told Harry's driver about the crash.
  • Duck: I'll go and rescue him, okay.
  • Narrator: And he collected Rocky the Breakdown Crane and raced to the rescue. Duck arrived with Rocky.
  • Duck: Well, well, well. Looks like Harry was smashed into pieces.
  • Narrator: And Duck took Harry into the Crovan's Gate Works. Sir Topham Hatt was waiting, and he was cross.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Harry, I'm very disapointed! You've ignored Duck's advice, and you fell down a ravine! And, as punishment, you'll be in your shed for two months!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Yes, I'm serious! That should be how long for you to think about what you did and how you become useful!
  • Narrator: After that, Harry was repaired and at his shed. But I think he deserved his punishment. Don't you?

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