Duck And The Extension


  • Duck
  • Thomas
  • Diesel
  • Norman
  • Dennis
  • Arry And Bert (Do Not Speak)
  • Mavis (Does not speak)
  • Paxton (Does not speak)
  • Weasel (Does not speak)
  • Den (Does not speak)
  • Dart (Does not speak)
  • Jock (cameo)

Narrator:Michael Moroghan(UK),? (US)

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(title appears)

Narrator: Duck and the Extension. Duck is a proud engine, he likes to haul logs, talk to engines, and have fun. He also likes to do his jobs. One day, Duck was talking to Thomas, they were talking about Thomas' first accident.

Duck: Wow, you were. You were.

Thomas: In trouble sometimes. That's what it means sometimes. Gotta go to my job. Bye, Duck.

Duck: Bye.

Narrator: Duck raced off to explore. When he got there, he found a extension near the oil tower. Duck was surprised.

Duck: An extension! I must warn the diesels!

(camera shoots to Diesel Works)

Narrator: So Duck raced to the Diesel Works to warn all the diesels. The diesels were curious.

Duck: An extension is on the Trasman Line, diesels must stay off line 39.

Narrator: The diesels minded Duck, except Diesel.

Diesel: I'm sure it's safe, don't bother me about it!

Narrator: And Diesel oiled away to the depot. (camera shoots to depot) Dennis was there. He was looking for his load of bricks to take to Great Waterton.

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