Duck defeats James

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Duck must defeat James for stealing Stanley, Thomas, Toby, and Oliver's trucks


Bert (cameo)

Frank (doesn't speak)

Alice and Mirabel (doesn't speak)



Thomas (cameo)

Stanley (cameo)

Oliver (doesn't speak)

Toby (mentioned)

Duck's driver

Eagle (mentioned)

Duck's Fireman

Narrator: Duck stood at Arlesburgh where the small railway lived. He, Alice and Mirabel went around after the morning train and they were going back down the valley. His driver and fireman were talking to the guard.

Guard: Did you know that james stole Thomas', Toby's, Stanley's and Oliver's trucks last night?

Narrator: Duck's driver shook his head.

Duck's driver: you don't say.

Guard: James took the trucks all taken and he pulled Thomas' new trucks.

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