Duck and the Runaway Diesel

Duck and the Runaway Diesel, retitled Duck helps Diesel is the twenty-fifth episode from the fifth season. Characters:

  • Duck
  • Thomas
  • Bertie
  • Harold
  • Diesel
  • Percy
  • Edward
  • James (Does Not Speak)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (Does Not Speak)
  • Annie and Clarabel (Cameo)
  • Troublesome Trucks (Mentioned)

Narrator:Michael Angelis (UK),Alec Baldwin (US)

There is another episode named Duck Helps Diesel for season twelve part two. Usually the 7th episode of part two. Here is story and transcript.

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Bye Breakman | Fergus and the Pipe




(the title appears)

Narrator: Duck Helps Diesel. On the island of Sodor, Duck is a steamie, and Diesel is a diesel. They huff and puff with all their might, and show that there being useful.

(camera shoots the docks)

Narrator: One day, Duck and Diesel were at the docks waiting for Sir Tompham Hatt. They were going to use the breaktrain while Breakman was away at the mainland.

Sir Tompham Hatt: Duck and Diesel, you must use the breakdown train while Breakman is at the mainland for a week.

Duck and Diesel: Yes sir.

(camera shoots the Sodor Warf)

Narrator: Duck and Diesel arrived at the Sodor Warf. They were ready.

A worker: Diesel is supposed to be in the front.

Narrator: Duck was surprised.

Duck: Why? I'm afraid Diesel will act like a troublesome truck!

Diesel: I don't care! I don't care about anything like that!

Narrator: They were furious. Diesel snorted. They puffed on slowly.

(camera shoots Gordon's Hill)

Narrator: Later Duck and Diesel were at Gordon's Hill. It was too steep. There was trouble. They slid down very fast!

(sliding music plays, then stops)

Duck and Diesel: (Duck) What? (Diesel) Great Good Bash! We hovered and slid down.

Narrator: So they puffed all the way to the old mine where Molly was working.

(camera shoots to the old mine)

Diesel: Were here! Where?

Molly: Your at the old mine near an old castle.

(camera points to castle)

Narrator: Duck and Diesel were curious.

This transcript is not complete, please wait for more soon.

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