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Duck Saves Diesel

Duck Saves Diesel, retitled Duck Helps Out is the fourteenth episode of the third season. Then, it was remade in a sixth season episode.


  • Duck
  • Diesel
  • Thomas
  • Toby
  • Gordon
  • Bertie (Does Not Speak)
  • Henrietta (Does Not Speak)
  • Harold (Does Not Speak)
  • Edward (Cameo)
  • Henry (Cameo)
  • Annie and Clarabel (Mentioned)
  • Mavis (Mentioned)


  • Michael Angelis (UK)
  • George Carlin (US)


  • The episode is based on the story from The Railway Series book, Duck & Diesel using the UK title.
  • Stock footage from A Close Shave is used as a flashback.
  • In the American narration, the words, "points" and "OOH!" is changed to "switch" and "HELP!"
  • This was Diesel's third accident.


  • When the narrator says, "But it was too late!", Diesel is missing his eyebrows.
  • Gordon, Henry and Edward are missing their tenders at the end.
  • When Duck pulls Diesel out, he smiles.
  • Thomas has James' sad face on just like Edward has in Edward and Gordon.
  • Diesel doesn't have the sixth truck when he collects the trucks. Now, he has it when he cross the bridge.
  • Henry is missing his eyebrows at the beginning.
  • When Diesel fell into a ditch, he has his angry face on.
  • When Duck and Diesel puffed back home, they're missing their eyebrows.
  • When the narrator says, "Poor Diesel. He landed into a ditch", a toad is on top of Diesel.

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