Some trucks go missing and Duck needs to find the thief. Who is the thief who stole his trucks?

  • Thomas
  • Duck
  • Ten Cents
  • Oliver (Doesn't speak)
  • Toad (Cameo)
  • Stephanie
  • Henry (Mentioned)
  • Gordon (Cameo)
  • Herbert (Cameo)
  • Edward
  • Sunshine
  • Fredrick
  • Sir Topham Hatt

Narrator: It was a snowy day on Sodor and the engines are working hard. One day Duck was shunting coal trucks by the docks and puffed away to have a rest and a drink. When he got back to the Siding where be putted the vans, they're gone.

Duck: That's strange. Ten cents must've moved them. (Searches for Ten cents)

Narrator: Ten cents was resting in the shed and Duck puffed up.

Duck: Excuse me, did you move the coal trucks?

Ten cents: (Yawns) No, I needed a rest.

Duck: Were any trains due today?

Ten cents: No, it was arranged for Henry's goods train tomorrow.

Duck: Wait a minute. If you didn't move them, I didn't move them, it seems we have a thief in our mist.

Narrator: So Duck arranged a meeting at Tidmouth sheds.

Edward: So the trucks disappeared, shunt some other trucks instead.

Duck: What happens if he takes all of our coal trains? Then we'll have no coal or water to run on.

Thomas: I think I agree with you, Duck. We must find this thief and we'll bring him to justice.

Narrator: Days past and Duck was keeping the lookout for any signs of thieves. Stephanie was admired at Duck watching for thieves.

Stephanie: (Chuckles to Ten cents) I kind've like Duck looking out. Look at him, anybody would think he's a hunter or some sort.

Ten Cents: What if there's a ghost around here haunting us?

(Thomas bumps into Ten cents)

Ten Cents: What was that for?

Thomas: There's no such thing as ghosts.

Narrator: One night, Duck was resting in a siding and while he was having a drink, he saw a large black engine shtunting the missing trucks back in their siding.

(A large black engine shunts the trucks in their siding.)

Duck: Kept quiet and saw the engine puff away.

(The Black engine puffs away)

Duck: Come on, let's go!

Narrator: His driver agreed and they puffed off to Edward's station. When they got there, they searched in the yard when they saw a Black Stanier class 5 4-6-0 in a shed.

Duck: (Whispering) Look there! There's the engine.

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