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Hello!! this is a page about Ducks! but, you know that. OR DO YOU??? you see, ducks are very smart creaturs. and little do humble (or not so humble) scientitst know, that Ducks, although they do not know it, are the smartest creature to be created!! and get this, THEY ARE EVEN SMARTER THAN SUPER GROVER!!! (now thats saying something!!) ok, so afew years back, the world was taken over by ducks. they took over everything! even the humble toilet, which they refitted to shape their bottoms!! they had us humans at they're beconed call, it was terrible! (some of you may know the chat site, Habbo Hotel. well, they are conpletely OBBSESSED whith ducks. i belive the great duck taking over left an inpression deep, withing the deepest, depths of they're un-shallow minds, that are really quite deep, that ducks are really quite cool!)Anyway, One day, the Majestic mole said to itself, 'I will not be bossed around by this quaking, unmajestic, unmole-like creature!' and it took over from the underground, well, upwards! soon, ducks and moles were having a great big hissy-fit over who, and who shouldn't rule the world. suddenly, from the depth of Sesemi Street, came ELMO!!! well, Emlo didn't like all the hissy-fitting, because it intruded with his gold fishes nap time. so he whent up to the moles, and ducks and said. 'KEEP IT DOWN MY FISH IS TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!!' and funnily enough it worked. but it just made matters worse. they decided to rule, wait for it...


about this time, Super Grover was watching the news, and he saw a group of ducks and moles in an army marching across the streets. he didn't like how yellow the ducks were, and how the moles kept bumping into poles due to really bad eyesight. so he decided to stop it all. so, He joinded with the government, and sang as loud as him, his 1275397654092385730 troops, and 1 really loud speaker would let him, he sang... THE CHIKEN DANCE SONG!! (you know the one were they all sing, i don wanna be a chiken, i don wanna be a duck, i wanna be a lama! do do do do... or something along those lines.) well, that got rid of the fight. the ducks went into hiding, and the moles went back underground.

so, afetr 3 years rehabilitation, the government hushed it al up, and we were all brain washed. they gave us fals memory of what we had been doing, like shopping or something, and all remnants or the hole thing was destroyed. but one last question still remains...


well, i guess im just smart like that!

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