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Donald Duck As Woody

Mickey Mouse As Buzz Lightyear

Goofy As Mr. Potato Head

Mortimer Mouse As Slinky Dog

- Barrel of Monkeys - Banana Bros. Monkeys (The Rugrats Movie)

- Etch - One-Eyed Jack

- Lenny - NegaDuck (Darkwing Duck 1991)

- Mr. Shark - Headless Bill,

- Mr. Spell - Real Old Tom,

- RC - Dead Tom,

- Robot - Horace Horsecollar

- Rocky Gibraltar - Old Tom

- Snake - Aracuan Bird

- Troll Dolls - Various Animaniacs characters

- Various Squeeze Toy Aliens - Various Cartoon Kittens

- Chosen Squeeze Toy Alien - Cat (Kit for Cat)

- Combat Carl - Warren T. Rat

- Baby Face - Digit (From An American Tail 1986)

- Ducky - Digger Platypus

- Frog - Willie Weasel

- Hand-in-the-Box - Chester the Cat

- Janie/Pterodactyl - Felia,/Wanda Waddle

- Jingle Joe - Corny

- Legs - Nellie Brie (From An American Tail: The Mystery of The Night Monster 1999)

- Rockmobile - Dodo

- Roller Bob - Wolf

- Walking Car - Thomas The Cat

- Burned Rag Doll - Calico,

- Huge Red Pickup Truck Toy - Jacques Roach

- Yellow Soldier Toys - Spotted Dick, and Walleye Pike,

- Sally Doll - Tanya (An American Tail 1 2 3 4)

Jose Carioca As Rex

Hamm As Himself

Daisy Duck As Bo Peep

Sarge As Himself

Soldieds As Themself

Young Andy Davis As Himself

Mrs. Davis As Herself

Baby Molly Davis As Herself

Sid Phillips As Himself

Hannah Phillips As Herself

Scud As Himself

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