Duclos Lane is one of the most travelled streets in Highland Park. Its .49 of a mile long and goes under the County Route 676 name.

The border between Edison and Highland Park runs along much of this street. This section also has the second most intersections of the streets that carry the CR 676 designation.[1] The intersection of Duclos Lane and Woodbridge Avenue has no traffic light currently, but Edison mayor Jun Choi and the town plan to add a traffic light to relieve congestion. [2]

The major intersections on Duclos Lane are Lincoln Highway (the northern terminus of Duclos Lane), Parker Road and Rose Street (the only four-way intersection on Duclos Lane), and Woodbridge Avenue (the southern terminus of Duclos Lane).[1][3]Edison Township Municipal Code prohibits patrons from parking anywhere on Duclos Lane due to traffic issues. [2]

At Lincoln Highway (Route 27), Duclos Lane becomes Suttons Lane.


The street has existed pre-1888 times as the only connection between Woodbridge Avenue and Raritan Avenue. Duclos Lane is named after the Duclos family, who lived in residence 66 at the intersection of what is now Route 27 and Adelaide Avenue in the late 19th century.[3]

A racetrack opened on Woodbridge Avenue at Duclos Lane. The racetrack closed down in 1906.[4]


Intersection # Street
Begin Duclos Lane
1 Woodbridge Avenue
2 Franklin Street
3 Cherry Street
4 Parker Road
5 Central Avenue
End Duclos Lane

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