~Aka~ Uber Dudditz in some places. He is a combination Jedi-ninja-paladin-pirate-undead. Don't underestimate his power!!

But on a serious note, he is pretty new (june '07) to the explosm forums, although he has been reading the comics for quite some time now. He was also a fan of the original site, where he watched all the movies like Joe Zombie. Some believe he is a knock off of "Duddits", a member who joined earlier than him. Although the newcomer had no idea there was already one with a similar name, most spamers tend to dislike him, and refuse to befriend him. He was nerded, thus he stays in the other forums, and refuses to make a new account on principle. Eventually he was unnerded. But he feared what would happen after Duddits was back. One day, a message was sent saying that Spame was going to be deleted. Although that wasn't entirely true, obviously, some were still freaked out by the idea. There was a massive uprising, and around 12:05 am EST on Jan. 27, spame was temporarily taken down. Many people, as planned, spamed up the GF. A whole bunch were TOed, including Dudditz, who got a relatively light 2 days. upon returning he was unnerded. But right after the massacre, Duddits decides to make a GF raid, and gets 9 days.

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