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The "Duke lacrosse case" was a high-profile criminal justice case in which three white student athletes at Duke University were accused of raping an African-American exotic dancer at a party. Though the District Attorney prosecuting the case made numerous news appearances, in which he spoke strongly about the evidence pointing towards the guilt of the accused, an investigation by the Attorney General of North Carolina after the original prosecutor recused himself found "no credible evidence that an attack occurred in that house that night."[1] and "no credible evidence to support the allegation that the crimes occurred."[2] The prosecutor was later disbarred and removed from office over his misconduct in the case, including withholding DNA evidence that was favorable to the defense and lying to both Court and Bar investigators.[3]

Dramatis Personae

A list of Dramatis Personae has its own page. A short list of the key figures is as follows:

  • Colin Finnerty -- one of the first two indicted lacrosse players
  • Reade Seligmann -- one of the first two indicted lacrosse players
  • Dave Evans -- the third accused lacrosse player, indicted after the other two
  • Mike Nifong -- the District Attorney who took over the investigation and prosecuted the case against the lacrosse players

Suggested topics

See a list of suggested topics.


  2. Summary of Conclusions, Office of the Attorney General of North Carolina.
  3. Duke Case: "Deceit And Misrepresentations", CBS News, June 16, 2007

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