Dumbest Ways to Die is a parody of the song Dumb Ways to Die


  • Here is a new song I like to call Dumbest Ways to Die. Here we go.
  • Put you're foot in a food blender,
  • Hide inside a steam engine's tender,
  • Use lava as you're floor,
  • Build a house without a door,
  • Spill oil in a microwave,
  • Throw an anvil at the top of a cave,
  • Cut a TNT in half,
  • Use a anaconda as a scarf,
  • Dumbest ways to die
  • So many dumbest ways to die
  • These ways are definitely the dumbest ways to die, but the most dumbest, OK?
  • Alright, I will tell you some more of the dumbest ways to die, here we go!
  • Go out naked in the snow,
  • Use a hose to make the house overflow,
  • Stand on top of a moving car,
  • Consume a lot of sticky tar,
  • Use a jellyfish as a hat,
  • Stroke a lioness like a kitty cat,
  • Bounce on a trampoline after supper,
  • Invite a murderer for a cuppa,
  • Dumbest ways to die
  • So many dumbest ways to die
  • OK, here our final of the dumbest ways to die and these ones are without a doubt the dumbest ways to die possible. Here goes.
  • Use an oven as a hiding place,
  • Put a hot iron on you're face,
  • Stand on top of the sun,
  • Accidentally shoot the wrong way with a shotgun,
  • Try to bungee jump from a tall tower,
  • Fly with a jet pack during a meteor shower,
  • Get yourself drunk before driving go-carts,
  • Stick an elephant's tusk, up you're private parts!
  • Oh my God that hurts like hell and is definitely the dumbest way to die possible!
  • Dumbest, dumbest ways to die!
  • These are the dumbest ways to die possible.
  • Thanks for watching.
  • Now get lost. I mean bye! No really, get lost. Go, now!

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