1 fine morning when she arrived, Rosie’s golden whistle cap was outta order. They had worked late the night before and her driver and fireman had used it to hard boil their eggs for their dinner last night.

But something had gone terribly wrong, and the very next morning when she wanted to whistle real loudly at the other railroad engines, Rosie found out she could only make gurgling sounds. She was terribly upset about it.

“Never mind that, Rosie,” said Rosie's driver, “it must’ve been a bit of that egg shell which broke apart,”

“We’ll clean it out eventually when we got plenty of time,” “meanwhile, nobody will ever mind.”

But Duncan made rude comments about it.

“Shplee! Shplee!” mimicked Duncan. “It’s shocking! If railroad engines don’t even whistle properly, they shouldn’t even try it.”

“Then why do you?” asked Stanley.

“Why do I do what?” asked Duncan.

“Try whistling real loudly at other railroad engines of course.” Stanley said to them with a smirk.

Shut the heck up! You’re just jealous.” Duncan was proud of his loud golden whistle cap. “Mine’s way better than yours, anyway.”

“Listen, Duncan ,” said Murdoch. “If I had a golden whistle cap just like yours, do you know what I would do?” he paused impressively. “I would lose it.”

“That’s the idea!” spluttered Duncan. “Golden whistle caps are very important, let me tell you.” “Railroad engines without golden whistle caps are not proper railroad engines at all.”

Duncan went redder than ever with fury. His steam pressure went up suddenly, and his safety-valves blew off,


“Hello there,” said Duncan's driver. “Just as you’re ready 1st, you better take the passenger train up ahead.”

“What?!? And leave my goods train behind?”

“Yes, Duncan, Stanley can do that.” “We can’t have you blowing off in here.” “Come on.”

Duncan backed down on the coaches “whoooshing” angrily.

When all was ready, he began with a rude jerk.

“Come on!” “Come on!” “COME ON!” he puffed.

“What’s bitten him?” wondered Duncan's driver. “he doesn’t like coaches, but he’s never been as bad as Diesel 10.”

Duncan whistled real loudly at the least excuse.

“They’re just jealous, they’re just jealous,” he muttered as he bucketted along. “I’ll show ‘em!” “I’ll show ‘em!”

“He’s in a flaming temper about some crazy situations,” remarked Duncan's driver. He was relieved when they reached the end station safely. He looked Duncan all over, but saw nothing wrong with him. He tried controlling him, but Duncan still sizzled crossly. “It beats me,” he said to them at last.

“That’s something loose on his boiler,” he thought for 1 minute. “I’ll tighten it at the next station.”

But he never got the chance. It was the pig’s entire fault. He stood there on the railroad track eating his lunch from a lunch bucket. He took no notice of the railroad train.

Duncan stopped, but he wasn’t terrified. he had met him before, but he only made him fed up than usual.

He came very slowly whooshing steam from his cylinders.

“Shoo!” “Shoo!” “Shoo!”

The pig just walked around and went on eating his lunch from the lunch bucket. Duncan was feeling exasperated. he tried whistling real loudly. he wanted to say ‘Get outta my way, you crazy animal!’ but he didn’t get very far. His 2nd peep turned into a gigantic whooosh! just as his golden whistle-cap shot up like a rocket missile, and landed right into the field.

The driver and the signal guard began looking for it, but some passengers objected.

“We can’t waste time with golden whistle caps,” they said to them. “We must catch our train ride.”

Duncan was dismayed. "There are boards that are saying ‘impersonate train whistle sounds’,” he protested. “I’m not gonna pass those signs without whistling real loudly.” “That’s the rules.” “Please find it.”

“Sorry, Duncan,” said the passengers. “We can’t wait.” “We’ll have to impersonate the train whistle sounds for you, that’s all.” And so it was arranged.

When they saw the sign, the signal guard, the driver and the passengers all impersonated train whistle sounds.

They made more noises than Duncan ever did, and thought it splendid fun.

Duncan mourned for his lost golden whistle cap that disappeared.

Duncan hoped his driver would give him a new golden whistle cap when they got back home. He was very disappointed.

“I got no spare golden whistle caps,” said the inspector sternly. “So you’ll need to wait.” “It serves you right for being such a crosspatch.”

Duncan worked in the quarries for the rest of the afternoon. It was nearly night time when he reached the Roundhouse.

“What’s that?” Gordon asked as Duncan came inside.

“Shhh!” whispered Stanley. “Take no notice.” “It’s an improper railroad engine.”

“Why improper?” “he looks alright to me.”

“It’s got no golden whistle cap.”

“Oh dear!” said James. “How shocking!” “We don’t approve of her situations, do we?”

End of story sequence………..

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