Duncan Drops A Clanger Transcript is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.


  • Here's the full transcript to Duncan Drops A Clanger.


  • Michael Brandon: Duncan Drops A Clanger. It was a busy time on the Narrow Gauge Railway. It was the day at the County Fair. The little engines puff through the forests and valleys getting ready for the big day. Rusty was taking freight cars full of flowers. Peter Sam was taking pumpkins. And Duncan had a very special job to do. He had to collect the big bell from the clock tower to be polished. On the way, Duncan puffed along an old and bumpy track. It was his favorite part of the railway. Each day, Duncan was rattled along the tracks. He enjoyed the sound his wheels made. Duncan raced backwards and forwards. Rattling and clattering over the buffers. Rheneas chuffed up.
  • Rheneas: Duncan, you're going to be late.
  • Michael Brandon: He peeped. But Duncan didn't hear Rheneas. His wheels were rattling and clattering too loud. When Duncan finally arrived at the Transfer Yards, he was very late. And the foreman was cross. Workmen were waiting with a large wooden frame. Inside was the big bell. The bell chimed cheerfully as it was loaded onto Duncan's flatbed.
  • Duncan: What a wonderful sound.
  • Michael Brandon: Peeped Duncan.
  • Foreman: Remember.
  • Michael Brandon: Said the foreman sternly.
  • Foreman: The bell is very heavy. The track to the polishers is old and in need of some repairs. You must go slowly and carefully.
  • Michael Brandon: But Duncan wasn't listening to the foreman. He was enjoying the chiming of the bell. Duncan chuffed along the track to the polishers. As he puff through the mountains, his wheels started to clatter. And the bell started to chime. Duncan went faster. The bell chimed louder. With every bump and bent, it rattled and ranged. It tinkled and clanged. Duncan like the sound even more than the sound of his wheels. He was having a wonderful time.
  • Duncan: Whee!
  • Michael Brandon: He wheeshed and the bell rang louder and louder.
  • Rusty: (horn honks) Slow down!
  • Michael Brandon: Called Rusty. But Duncan didn't hear.
  • Duncan: Hooray!
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan hooted.
  • Skarloey: Take care!
  • Michael Brandon: Chuffed Skarloey.
  • Duncan: Whoosh!
  • Michael Brandon: Hooped Duncan.
  • Mighty Mac: The bell will come loose!
  • Michael Brandon: Puffed Mighty Mac. But still, Duncan didn't listen. He rattled on. The track was getting bumpier and the bell chimed louder. Sir Handel was taking on water. He saw Duncan racing towards him.
  • Duncan: Hooray!
  • Michael Brandon: Whistled Duncan.
  • Sir Handel: Slow down!
  • Michael Brandon: Hooted Sir Handel.
  • Sir Handel: The track was very wobbly!
  • Duncan: Listen to my bell, Sir Handel!
  • Michael Brandon: Hooshed Duncan.
  • Duncan: Isn't it wonderful?
  • Michael Brandon: Then, there was trouble. Duncan's wheels rattled over the wobbly track. He applied his brakes, but it was too late. The flatbed bumped into the air, the bell tumbled over the flatbed and rolled down the hill. "Clang, clang, blang!" went the bell as if fell and fell.
  • Duncan: Oh, no!
  • Michael Brandon: Cried Duncan.
  • Duncan: I've lost the bell. Now it won't be polished for the County Fair.
  • Michael Brandon: He puffed sadly.
  • Duncan: It's all my fault.
  • Michael Brandon: Everywhere was still and quiet. Then, Duncan heard a noise.
  • Duncan: That sounds like a bell.
  • Michael Brandon: He wheeshed quietly. And he listened very hard.
  • Duncan: The bell.
  • Michael Brandon: He hooted.
  • Duncan: It's my bell! Oh! Maybe if I listen and follow the sound.
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan puffed.
  • Duncan: I will find the bell.
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan followed the sound.
  • Duncan: It's getting loud.
  • Michael Brandon: He puffed excitedly. At last, Duncan could see the bell. It was caught in the tree. The wind blew gently and the bell chimed sweetly. Duncan raced down the hill. And he arrived just in time. The branch snapped and the bell fell onto his flatbed.
  • Duncan: Hooray!
  • Michael Brandon: Chuffed Duncan. He was very happy. Duncan puffed to the polishers. This time, he puffed slowly carefully just has he been told. Soon the bell was polished and Duncan chuffed slowly and carefully all the way back to the Transfer Yards. Duncan delivered the shiny bell just in time. And when the clock chimed for the opening at the County Fair, Duncan thought it was the best sound he had ever heard.

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