Duncan and The Hot Air Balloon Transcript is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.


  • Here's the full transcript to Duncan and The Hot Air Balloon.


  • Michael Brandon: Duncan and The Hot Air Balloon. It was a beautiful day in the hills of Sodor. It was Mr. Percival's twins' birthday. Every year, Duncan gave the twins a special birthday ride. Duncan was very excited. At the depot, Duncan was getting ready. He had to look his best. The special birthday flag had been fixed to his cab. Duncan was very proud of his flag. Mr. Percival came to see Duncan.
  • Duncan: Shall I pick up the twins now?
  • Mr. Percival: No, Duncan. This year, I am giving them a ride in a hot air balloon for their birthday.
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan was disappointed. He wanted to give the twins their birthday treat.
  • Mr. Percival: Duncan, you must collect the hot air balloon from the transfer yards.
  • Duncan: Yes, sir.
  • Michael Brandon: And he chuffed sadly away. Duncan pulled into the transfer yards. Thomas had brought the balloon from the docks. The balloon man was filling it with hot air.
  • Thomas: Hello, Duncan.
  • Duncan: Hello, Thomas.
  • Thomas: That's a wonderful balloon.
  • Balloon Man: Be sure to puff slowly and carefully, Duncan.
  • Michael Brandon: So Duncan huffed slowly away to Mr. Percival's house. On his way, Duncan rolled over a bumpy track. His flatbed clanked, rattled, and jiggled. One of the ropes holding down the balloon came undone.
  • Duncan: Oh, dear.
  • Michael Brandon: Thought Duncan.
  • Duncan: The bumpy track has jiggled the balloon loose. What should I do?
  • Michael Brandon: Then an idea flew into Duncan's funnel.
  • Duncan: If I jiggle the balloon more, it might float away. Then I could give the twins a ride today, and they could have the balloon ride tomorrow.
  • Michael Brandon: So Duncan began to jiggle backwards and forwards over the bumpy track. The ropes loosened, and the balloon floated away.
  • Duncan: Hooray!
  • Michael Brandon: And Duncan chuffed cheerfully to Mr. Percival's house. Duncan puffed round the bend. Then he stopped. The hot air balloon had floated down. It was right in front of him on the track. Duncan bumped into the balloon.
  • Duncan: Flatten my funnel. Now what should I do?
  • Michael Brandon: The basket wobbled, and one of the sandbags fell off. It made the balloon rise up a little. Duncan was puzzled. He biffed the balloon again. More sandbags fell off. The balloon rose higher and higher and floated away. Duncan was delighted. Duncan chuffed round another bend.
  • Duncan: Bust my buffers.
  • Michael Brandon: There on the bridge above him was the balloon.
  • Duncan: I thought the balloon had floated away. What should I do now?
  • Michael Brandon: He thought. Duncan chuffed his biggest puff. The hot smoke from his funnel flew into the balloon. It made the balloon get bigger. This gave Duncan an idea. He huffed and puffed and puffed and huffed. The balloon got bigger and bigger and floated away. Duncan was delighted. He raced on to Mr. Percival's house. Mr. Percival was waiting for him.
  • Mr. Percival: Where's the hot air balloon, Duncan?
  • Duncan: It came looser, sir, and floated away.
  • Michael Brandon: Mr. Percival was upset. Then there was trouble. The balloon floated down from the sky once again-- straight towards the weather vane on Mr. Percival's roof. It burst on the sharp point. The balloon tumbled down.
  • Duncan: Fizzling fireboxes.
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan was upset. Now the twins wouldn't have their balloon ride at all.
  • Duncan: It's all my fault, sir. I just wanted to give the twins their birthday treat, just as I always have. Mr. Percival was cross.
  • Mr. Percival: Duncan, you were going to give the twins their birthday ride. You were going to pick them up and bring them here.
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan felt even more upset. He wanted the twins to have a happy day.
  • Duncan: Sir, Peter Sam could pick up the twins. Then I will go and collect the balloon repairman. I'm sure he could fix the balloon.
  • Michael Brandon: Mr. Percival thought this was a very good idea, so Duncan puffed quickly away. Duncan raced into mountain village station. The balloon repairman was waiting.
  • Duncan: We must be quick, sir. The balloon has to be fixed before the twins get home.
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan chuffed quickly back to Mr. Percival's house. Mr. Percival was very pleased to see them. The balloon repairman looked at the hole in the balloon.
  • Balloon Man: Oh, dear. It's a very big hole. I don't have enough material to fix it.
  • Duncan: I know, sir. My birthday flag-- it just might be big enough.
  • Michael Brandon: The balloon repairman looked at Duncan's flag.
  • Balloon Man: Why, yes, Duncan. That would be perfect.
  • Michael Brandon: The balloon repairman fixed the balloon just in time. Peter Sam arrived with the twins. They were delighted. Soon, Mr. Percival and the twins were floating high above the island of Sodor. And Duncan felt so happy, he thought his boiler would burst.

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