Duncan and The Pop Special is a Thomas and Friends episode made for Season 10 belonging to Pikachufreak.


  • Mr. Percival, the Narrow Gauge Controller, assigns Duncan to collect the picnic supplies from the Scoutmaster and his Boy Scouts. Along the way, Duncan causes major bossiness to Rheneas, and when he stops at a fallen water tower, he tries to be bossier to Godred. Knowing that it will get dark, Duncan worries a lot, until Skarloey arrives. He explains that Duncan needs to ask Godred about an apology. Duncan does it to Godred and he asks him to get to the picnic on time, in which Godred accepts. After the track is cleared, Duncan arrives on time to the picnic and the supplies are unloaded in an instant. The Scoutmaster thanks Duncan for making the picnic as good as new and for bringing sodas. Duncan is glad to ask anyone the right way.


  1. Skarloey
  2. Rheneas
  3. Duncan
  4. Godred
  5. Mr. Percival
  6. The Scoutmaster
  7. The Boy Scouts


  • US: Michael Brandon.
  • UK: Michael Angelis.
  • This episode is similar to Emily's Adventures.
  • This marks the appearance of Godred since the Mountain Engines book.
  • The episode is based on the Railway Series story Pop Special.


US version

  • Michael Brandon:

UK version

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