Dungeons of Wesnoth

Development of a role playing game in the Wesnoth setting.


The game will be inspired by classic RPGs, like Heroes of Might and Magic. Graphically, it also will stay in a classic style, using 2D pixel graphics. And as such, the Wesnoth graphics can be used.


  • Programming language: Likely we will use D.
  • Cross-platform: The target platforms are Windows, OSX and Linux. Using D and derelict should provide that.
  • Rendering: 2D-Rendering using SDL and OpenGL from derelict.
  • Artwork: Wesnoth artwork.
  • GUI
    • Menus: Very simple self written GUI.
    • In-game: Likewise.
  • Game engine
    • Screens
      • Loading screen: Displayed while initially loading up the game.
      • Main menu: Likely, there will be a separate main menu.
      • Game map: This is the main map where the player can move around.
      • Battle: There might be a separate screen for battles.
      •  ???: Might need several more, like various in-game menus, inventory, player statistics...
    • Realtime or turn based: Needs to be determined yet.
    • Map: Hexagon map, self written hexagon engine. Has to support multiple layers and transitions as used by Wesnoth.
    • Units: Game characters need to be able to move from tile to tile.
  • Networking: Networking has to be planned in from the beginning, it's nearly impossible to retro-fit it to a game otherwise.
  • Scripting: NPCs will need scripting. Yet to be determined if scripts are hard-coded in D or in a scripting language (e.g. Python).
  • ...: This list is far from exhaustive as of yet.


  • Get base code done: All main devs should have a working D compiler and the base application (only displaying a black screen or so) should run on some of the target platforms.
  • Implement a simple GUI. Like, at first there will be a button which says "start game" to switch to the main game.
  • Implement a multi-layer hexagon map. Ideally separated enough from the rest of the code so it can be used also in the editor and in various unit tests.
  • Implement moving units. Obviously the players, as well as NPCs.
  • Implement base networking. Basically, devise an architecture how clients and server should interact.
  • ... Uh, there will be lots and lots more

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