Dunning Trail

Dunning Trail (new)

Name: Dunning Trail
Blaze: Yellow
Distance: 3.75 miles
Notable areas: Boston Mine, Bowling Rocks, Pine Swamp Mine
Termini 1: Nurian Trail
Termini 2: Arden-Surebridge Trail

The Dunning Trail is a marked trail in Harriman State Park. It goes for 3.75 (3 3/4) miles. It is blazed yellow, beginning at the Nurian Trail and ending at the Arden-Surebridge Trail. Notable places among the way are Boston Mine, Bowling Rocks and Pine Swamp Mine.

Trail description

Mileposts 0.0 - 1.87

The Dunning Trail, yellow-blazed, begins at the Nurian Trail. The Dunning Trail goes on a small rise and then goes over the edge at Green Pond Mountain. There is an overhanging rock at milepost .15. The Dunning Trail is paralleled by the Nurian Trail at points and at milepost .40, the two trails join together. The joint trails only stay together for 75 feet and then the two trails split. At milepost .45, The Dunning Trail reaches Island Pond Road. It turns left on this road for some time, passing by the abandoned Boston Mine, which was last worked in 1880. Dunning goes over a hill and meets up with the White Bar Trail at 1.1 miles. The trails run together for a quarter of a mile and split as the Dunning Trail makes an abrupt right. The Dunning Trail starts going up a hill and follows the "Crooked Road". At the ridge of Black Rock Mountain, the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail crosses. The Bald Rock Shelter is .15 of a mile from the junction on the R-D Trail.

Mileposts 1.88 - 3.75

From this point, milepost 1.88, the Dunning Trail continues downhill and eastward, crossing a stream. After a while, you reach a rocky area called "Bowling Rocks". About .15 of a mile from Bowling Rocks, the Dunning Trail meets up with its old route, which takes you to the Long Path. The Dunning Trail continues straight ahead and follows the Crooked Road until milepost 2.65. At this point, the Crooked Road leaves while the Dunning Trail goes straight ahead. At milepost 2.85, you pass the notable Hogencamp Mine. This mine was closed in 1885, after 20 years of service. At milepost 3.05, the Long Path joins on the trail, but leaves soon after. The Dunning Trail continues to the northeast and runs along the Pine Swamp, passing Pine Swamp Mine at milepost 3.60. The Dunning Trail finally comes to an end at the Arden-Surebridge Trail, 3.75 miles from the start.


In 1934, James Dunning, chairman of the AMC Trail Committee, proposed a new trail to be a shortcut to the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail to Southfields, New York. The proposal was endorsed, by Major Welch, chairman of Harriman State Park. James Dunning and other members of the AMC starting the cutting from the Nurian Trail to the Crooked Road and thence to the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail. Finally by 1935, the trail was complete with one slight problem. The Dunning Trail had used part of the Nurian Trail and Kelson Nurian was not pleased. Kelson painted out the new red markers that was overlapping the Nurian Trail. Dunning moved his trail towards Green Pond and the argument ended. The red blazes existed until 1943, when Joseph Bartha repainted them yellow and extended it to reach the Arden-Surebridge Trail.

Junction list

Mile Trail Notes
0.0 Nurian Trail Terminus
0.4 Nurian Trail
0.55 Island Pond Road
1.11 White Bar Trail (new) White Bar Trail Begin concurrency with White Bar Trail
1.35 Crooked Road End concurrency with White Bar Trail
1.7 Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail Former terminus (see above)
2.25 Abandoned Dunning Trail
3.05 Long Path Begin concurrency with Long Path
3.1 Long Path End concurrency with Long Path
3.75 Arden Sure Bridge (new) Arden-Surebridge Trail Terminus


Myles, William J., Harriman Trails, A Guide and History, The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, New York, N.Y., 1999

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