INFO: Durden is the largest city in Waterside County, Douglas Island. It is the center in the Durden Metropolitan statistical area.

Durden is south of Dutton, and north of Cherry Hill. To the west is the Evergreen Mountains and to the east is the Pacific Ocean.

Durden's climate is usually rain, clouds, and fog. Even in the summer months, the temperature may barely reach over 65 degrees. The winter is known for having strong storms, winds, and waves that often can alter the waterfront of any southeastern town.

The Durden-Dutton Highway connects Dutton to Durden. The Durden-Cherry Hill Highway connects Cherry Hill and Durden together. The Dillmore-Durden Highway connects the two towns together from west to east. Durden has no fishing operations, nor a port, but does have some marinas. The city has no airport, and is served by the New Karston Airport far to the west in Dillmore.


Durden has the most modern services of all the towns on the southeast. The city has a fairly adequate police force, houses the county sheriffs headquarters, and has medical facilities. There is also fire departments. From the marinas, there is a small two boat rescue force for open waters.

HISTORY: Durden was the brainchild of businessmen from Dutton. After damage from a storm in Dutton, it left many businesses closed, and wondering about safety. Some businesses left and started Durden. The town was simply sprawl, and homes were built around it. Over time, Durden continued to grow, often being plagued by others as urban sprawl. The town agreed with Dutton to "sprawl togther," which had many citizens angry and saddened on how Dutton lost it's small town feel. Over and over, the Durden city council has been known for being corrupt, and not listening to the public. It was not until recently did the entire city council get cleaned out, and now have new people. The city has finally urbanized, and has started a town core.

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