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Dustin's Silly Mistakes


  1. Dustin & the Rumors
  2. Gobo Fraggle
  3. Dustin Gets Bumped
  4. Dustin & Mr. Happy
  5. Dustin Breaks the Rules
  6. Trust Dustin
  7. Mr. Grumpy Bugs

DVD Special Features

  • Song: Dustin we Love You
  • Dustin Worker Home videos Trailer
  • Junior Gorg Saves Christmas Trailer
  • Dustin Worker's Choose a Tunnel Game


  • Distributed by HiT Entertainment

Junior Gorg Saves Christmas


  1. The Story Begins
  2. It's Christmas Again
  3. Goodbye Dustin
  4. Home at Last!
  5. Junior Saves Christmas
  6. Junior's Second Wish
  7. Mayhem at Santa's Workshop
  8. Christmas Everyday
  9. Springtime Christmas
  10. Sir Topham Hatt & Schemer
  11. Christmas Easter Eggs
  12. Steam-Diesel
  13. Summertime Christmas
  14. Christmas Coatrack
  15. All I Want for Christmas is You
  16. The Real Christmas?
  17. Christmas Trees for sale only 25 cents
  18. Christmas No Longer Special
  19. Junior's Failed Wish
  20. Back To Normal
  21. Keep Christmas with you

DVD Special Features

  • Junior Gorg's Christmas Matching Game
  • Dustin Worker Home Videos trailer
  • Shining Time Station DVDs trailer


  • Distributed by HiT Entertainment

Dustin's Christmas Party & other Stories


  1. Dustin's Christmas Party
  2. Dustin & the Missing Christmas Tree
  3. Gobo Fraggle
  4. The Flying Kipper
  5. A Scarf for Blake
  6. A New Friend for Dustin
  7. Joey's Forest
  8. Dustin Saves the Day


  • Tim Allen [for seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4]

DVD special features

  • Dustin Worker Home Videos trailer
  • Shining Time Station DVDs trailer
  • Dustin's Christmas Game
  • HiT Entertainment Previews


  • Distributed by HiT Entertainment

Spills & Chills Dustin Worker style

Stories & Songs

  • James' Discovery
  • Digby & the Boulder
  • Zorran Gets Spooked
  • Dustin Worker Music Moment: C is for Cookie
  • Mr. Happy Gets Lost
  • Jibbling Joey
  • Mr. Persnickety's Holiday
  • Every Cloud has a Sliver Lining


  • Jerry Trainor [for seasons 5 & 6]

DVD special freatures

  • Sing alongs: Every Cloud has a Sliver Lining & Gone Fishing
  • The Dustin Worker Airplane Game
  • Dustin Worker Home Videos trailer

Front Cover

  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Blake & the boulder from "Digby & the Boulder"

Back Cover

  • The Barges falling off Pitfall Bridge from "Zorran Gets Spooked"
  • Dustin from "Mr. Persnickety's Holiday"


  • Distributed by HiT Entertainment

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