INFO: Dutton is located in Waterside County, Douglas Island. It is the county seat in the Waterside County, and located in the Durden Metro area.

Dutton is the county seat of Waterside County, and that makes it contraversal. Many citizens say move the county seat south to Durden, since it is the most modern and has all the services of a major city. Most employees work from there, backers say. But on the other side, many citizens say moving the county seat away from Dutton would hurt the limited economy of Dutton. Dutton does not house the county courthouse, Durden does. Dutton only has the county seat building, and a museum.

Durden is south of Dutton, while the Moreno River is north. To the west is forests and then the Evergreen Mountains. East is the Pacific Ocean.

Dutton's climate is usually rain, clouds, and fog. Even in the summer months, the temperature may barely reach over 65 degrees. The winter is known for having strong storms, winds, and waves that often can alter the waterfront of any southeastern town. In the warmer spring and summer months, people come to visit the quaint fishing village.

The Durden-Dutton Highway connects Dutton to Durden. Dutton is connected to Morenoville by highway which follows the coastline, and goes over a bridge. Dutton is the core fishing town of the southeast with many fishing companies and lots of docks. The city has no airport, but does service seaplanes. No rail connects to any town in the southeast.


Dutton has a small police department and has a Waterside County Sheriff's office that patrols the northern precinct of Waterside County. The city has a fire department and medical clinic. Dutton has a small boat rescue fleet.

HISTORY: Dutton started out as a fishing community and it is still serviced mostly by fishermen and tourism. Downtown prospered for awhile as fishing went well, but time has shown the town economy and population changes with the fishing industry in town. The town was hit hard when the timber industry was limited by what it could cut down, and teh economy suffered during storms, and down fishing months. The biggest problem for the town is weathering on buildings, and depression, because it it can be cloudy and foggy nearly 300 days out of the year.

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