Dwagons are a type of flying unit.



Move: approx 56
(Of the 46 dwagons used in Parson's siege raids, 19 had 56+ move and 27 had <56 move)
Special: Flight, special attack (varies by type; see below)


Dwagons are large flying units. As Parson describes them (to confirm that they are similar to what he knows as "dragons"), they are "big, scaly flying lizards with lots of teeth and a bad attitude". A dwagon can carry a rider and at least one other passenger.

Stanley has several dozen dwagons in his service, having used the power of the Arkenhammer to tame them. This force is described by Prince Ansom as "his greatest remaining threat".

Dwagons come in a variety of color-coded varieties: blue, brown, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow dwagons have appeared. Each has a characteristic type of special attack in addition to its standard brute-force assault: blue dwagons shoot lightning bolts from their mouths; brown dragons exhale smoke; green dwagons exhale noxious green vapor; pink dwagons exhale pink entangling bubbles; purple dwagons appear to have a "sonic blast" attack; and yellow dwagons bombard ground targets with crap.

After a battle with a group of dwagons containing a pink, a purple, and a yellow; Ansom described these as "weaker types" but noted that the individual dwagons were "strong examples". This confirms that dwagons within a given type vary in combat ability.

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