Dwin was one of the greatest forgers to come from Metru-nui. Once he was turned into a toa by ill events, he left that life and journey afar. His powers grew as he defeated the forces of darkness. The events of those times may at one time be revealed.


Dwin is a remarkable swordsman. He wields twin scimitars that can be faster than the wind itself due to the Kanohi Kakama infused into the pommel stones. He is also a shapeshifter. He can change his form into any rahi that he knows or has seen. He carries eight other weapons with him at all times. They are another pair of scimitars and six daggers. The daggers are hidden at strategic points upon him. His other pair of scimitars are held in a X-back sheath. He is a Toa of fire descended from Tahu.


He hopes to be one of the great toa like his ancestor.

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