Known characters:

  • Harry - Kevin Brotz
  • Dick - Tom Barrett
  • Walter - Dan Gallagher

Unknown characters:

  • Girl -


Beginning Chase Scene:

Homeless person with cart and cans. During the chase the homeless person gets knocked over, cans go everywhere.


  • Find the Shibby
  • Chase Scene - beginning
  • Bully, not villian - gives audience the view that he is a villian
  • Argument between Harry & Dick OVER SHIBBY!
  • Tie chase scene into losing shibby and introduce characters. - alla snatch
  • Twist is its a flash back could find shibby last night at Willies.
  • Subtle with 2 guys following Harry and Dick. They pass by
  • No wise sage, HD figure it out on their own.


ok, after i started writing this i realized a thing or two. I'd like the guys to be on their own more in the beginning of the movie. More charecter development (for those who havent seen the first 2). Maybe they should go around searching for the shibby first and then meet up w/dan. secondly, there's should probably be another scene in between the dan scene and the park/fight scene. Maybe something that links up where the shibby is better. Maybe we go there and don't find it but it's under our noses, something like that. At least we got a start...


Latest Script

H - Harry D - Dick


- Shots of Chicago showcasing the city, people, etc.

- Chicago Fly over shots

Cuts to H&D walking in sync. Left to right. Front on shot. Then full shot.

Guy go into their house.

Open refridgerator and sit down at table.

D: Well?... (irritated)

H: Well what?!

D: Dude, how do you just lose shibby?

H: <makes a face/glares>

D: Well we better find it cause I'm starting to see straight!

H: Yeah, me too. Let's retrace our steps. What did we do today?

D: <lists of places>

H: It could be anywhere! Let's try <place> first.

D: Shibby!

Quick shooting of D&H going to Dan's. They walk in and knock on the door.

Dan: Who is it?

H: Harry and Dick.

Dan: It's open.

- The guys walk in. Dan's smoking playing solitare or video games or whatever.

W: What brings you guys back? You were here not 2 hours ago.

D: Harry lost our shibby.

H: I didn't lose it, it got misplaced.

D: Well whatever, we're trying to retrace our steps and find it.

W: How much are we talking here?

H: A qp.

W: (Shocked, stops playing game) How the hell do you lose a qp?!

H: It wasn't a qp. More like an ounce.

W: Still...

H: <looking irritated>

W: Here, smoke this in the meantime.

D: Have you seen <girl's name> lately.

W: No but I have a feeling where she's at.

- The guys head out the door.

Play Chi City by Common as the guys are walking.

They go to the park. She's playing cornhole (baggo) with someone (maybe Eric Seal, Scooter).

She comes running up and give the guys a hug.

Girl: Hey guys, what's up?

D: We're looking for our shibby. Harry lost it... excuse me, misplaced it.

Girl: Well I haven't...(Harry cuts her off)

H: You know what Dick, I'm getting sick and tired of you blaming me. If you got something to say, say it.

D: You're right, I do. How the hell do you lose our shibby?!

H: I don't know. Like you've never lost our shibby before!

D: When?!

<cuts to a couple of scenes of Dick asking where the shibby is.>

D: Well I haven't lost that much at one time.

H: Well?

D: Well maybe if you weren't around I'd still have it and we wouldn't have this problem. Maybe I'm better off without you.

H: Maybe you're better off without me? Stares and walks away.

Girl: Harry! Harry! Where are you going?! (Kick in DMB song)

Dick: I'm outta here.

Girl: Dick, wait, hold on...

<dick walks away in the other direction.>

As DMB is Playing:

Shots of Harry walking by himself

Shots of Dick walking by himself

A shot of Harry sitting down on a bench

A shot of Dick sitting down on a bench.

Then a shot of them together on the same bench.

D: I'm sorry dude. I didn't mean that I was better off without you. Shibby's not worth fighting over.

H: Shibby's not worth fighting over?!

Harry slaps Dick.

D: Thanks dude. Lets find out shibby!

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