Dydramarius is a very odd Nogan. Born into the Ice clan under the parents. Verin and Dadar. He was a silent, lonesome Nogan who kept to himself. At the age of 12 he was enlisted in the local militia where he quickly learned the art of the blade, blaster and his newly developed mind powers. He remained silent and brooding but exhibited ruthlessness and would violently kill his enemies. His mind powers accelerated at an incredible rate and he would be able to throw enter groups into the are with a wave of his hand. Soon he became so ruthless that even his own allies were afraid of him. Then in a violent fit of rage, he used his mind powers to the whole group he was in. Strangled them in their sleep. Pushed by thoughts of this act, Dydramarius fled into the country of the Isle of Ice and sought solace from that act. None came, though, tormented daily with nightmares and daymares, he fell out of the world. Years passed and Dydramarius grew darker and darker. His mind powers accelerated in strength and power. He hunted for food with his powers never leaving his icy home in a glacier. Then news(telepathy) arrived of a group that had been tormenting Nogans. They were Nogans themselves but were bent on the domination of them. Dydramarius grinned at the thought of this and left his home for the first time in a a long time. He set out over the land toward where he had picked up the news. He arrived to find the village burned to the ground. He picked up the traces of those who had burned the village and sought them.

More later

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