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Dying Sun is a game in planning here by Elliott Belser of Artha Games. It will be available only for Macintosh OS X.

It is an RPG set in a science fiction universe, with elements of 2-D top down shooter RPGS like Escape Velocity or Trancendence and 2-D or 2.5/D top down action RPG'S like Legend of Zelda or Seiken Dentesu.

In it, you are an explorer from the planet Iota Persei Tetriae, the center of the Persean Republic, an interstellar empire run by humans. The star Iota Persei is eating up stellar fuel at an alarming and unprecedented rate; unless the process can be reversed in 200 (24 hour, Earth standard) days, Iota Persei will go supernova, destroying the entire Persean Republic.

You need to explore the galaxy, find the cause of this phenomenon, and prevent the supernova. Along the way you will discover, to the shock of the Perseans, that you are not alone in the universe; there are at least 4 other alien empires, that of the feline Suil, the saurian Urrukir, the robotic Vanner, and the ethereal Telhani.

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