Dylan is a charectar in The New Original Story 2.


At first Dylan thought Jack was a loser and he can do better than Jack at acrabatic's.

After lunch Dylan tries to show Quinn his natural talent from when he was born, Dylan's smartness cause's Quinn to kick Dylan himself and Jack out of the acrabatical pogram wich Jack proves that Dylan was'nt better than him after all. Dylan explains he knows what it's  like to be prepared for something. Jack says that him or Dylan should'nt have never attended to go to that kind of school especially the fact of it being an over-night school. 1 minite later Dylan parks the car to the side suggesting they'd go back. When Dylan and Jack return they do a third acrabatic wich impresses Quinn and she lets them go home after staying there for 8 weeks at a time.

By: Roc.

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