Arrowyellow This page is about a fictitious, alternative-rock band from Orlando. For the real-world, not fictitious, late-1970s and early-1980s, funk, soul, and R&B band, see wikipedia:Dynasty (band).
Arrowyellow For the real-world, not fictitious, hardcore, Christian band signed to Facedown Records, see wikipedia:Dynasty (hardcore band).

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Dynasty logo by masfx-d5ioio8

Official Logo of the band

Dynasty is an American Alternative Rock band formed in Orlando in 2009. It was founded by actor Scott Adams, who, outside the band's history, was nominated for 2 academy awards (Best Leading Actor and Best Supporting Actor) for his performances in CrossView and 12 Years A Slave. He later won an academy award for his performance in Soul Eater at the 88th Academy Awards. Their 2nd album, Over The Garden Wall, led to the creation of the Cartoon Network mini-series of the same name, with Scott Adams serving as creator of both the pilot and the mini-series itself.


  • Scott Adams (Vocals)
  • Gregory Adams (Keyboard)
  • Zedd (Drums)
  • Justin Flynn (Lead Guitar)
  • Oh Nickel (Backing Vocals)



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