Artwork of E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure DX.

E-102 γ, more commonly known as Gamma, was a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. He was the second of the E-100 series. In Sonic Adventure, he used to work for Dr. Robotnik, and was loyal up to the point of capturing Big the Cat's pet frog, Froggy for him. However, after his encounter with Amy Rose, he set her free when he saw Birdie, the little bird she was looking after. During his battle with Sonic, Amy defended him, and he decided to turn against Robotnik. He then spent the rest of the game destroying his brothers to rescue the animals trapped inside. After the final battle with E-101 Beta MKII, Beta used his last ounce of strength to zap Gamma, who exploded in defeat, releasing the bird inside him. Although Gamma has not been seen since (aside from being an unlockable character in Sonic Shuffle, which is a non-canon party game), his design was later used for other robots, such as the E-1000 in Sonic Adventure 2, Chaos Gamma in Sonic Battle, and even E-123 Ω Omega in Sonic Heroes onwards.



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