E-123 Omega Cream Amy Marine Blaze & E-102 Gamma Helps E-123 Omega Fall Asleep.


E-123 Omega

E-102 Gamma

Marine The Raccoon

Amy Rose

Cream The Rabbit

Blaze The Cat

E-123 Omega:*Yawn*

Cream:What's Wrong Omega?

E-123 Omega:So Sleepy Cream!

Amy:Come On Let's Go To Bed!


E-102 Gamma:Yeah! *Groaning* *Faints* *Snoring*

Blaze:*Gasp* Oh No!

Amy:E-102 Gamma Are You Okay?

Cream:*Grunting* *Picks Up E-102 Gamma & Puts Into Bed*

Amy:Sleep Tight Gamma!

Blaze:Thank You Omega! *Hears E-123 Omega Snoring* Omega? *Covers The Omega Up*

Cream Amy Blaze & Marine:Good Night E-102 Gamma E-123 Omega!

(Scene Ends)

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