A page on E-on, and other companies involved if the proposed new power plant at Kingsnorth



eon: kingsnorth

Kingsnorth 'cleaner' coal plant

e.on sites

list of e.on sites

e.on sites

london office

E.ON UK Plc 6th floor 100 Pall Mall London SW1 Y5NQ

UK head office

Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park Coventry United Kingdom Phone: +44 24 7642 4000 Fax: +44 24 7642 5432

Germany Headquaters

E.ON-Platz 1 40479 Düsseldorf Germany

T +49 2 11 - 45 79 - 0 F +49 2 11 - 45 79 - 5 01

Other companies involved with Kingsnorth


Other Suppliers?

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