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Hello everyone! So this is my attempt at making a roster for everyone on the trip. Hopefully this can help some of you figure out airplane rides and local buddies. Enjoy!

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Roster & Misc. Information

Phone number
City currently residing in:
Flight Plans

Melissa Li
(408) 315-9556
mel iss asleepp
Cupertino, CA
2/11 SFO to Taipei& 2/19 Taipei to Shanghai
Return TBD? (trying to return ASAP for work...=/)

Amaris White
(925) 408-7434
Concord, CA
2/10 SFO=>Tokyo & 2/18 Tokyo=>Shanghai
Return TBD (beginning of August?)

Sophia Lu
Santa Clara, CA
2/16 SFO-Beijing-Shanghai(AirChina), 7/7 Shanghai-Beijing-SFO(AirChina)

Nina Brooks
(213) 272-3395
Los Angeles, CA
I don't have a flight yet, but I am planning on flying out on the 17th from LAX

Elizabeth Cheng
San Francisco, CA.
Don't have tickets yet, but most likely 2/16 SFO->Hong Kong and then 2/19 HKG->Shanghai

Hamed Kazemi
Berkeley, CA

Dave Shockey
(916) 813-3944
Sacramento, CA
Don't have tickets yet, but most maybe 2/16 SFO->Shanghai and 7/18 Shanghai->SFO

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