This is a Wikipedia for those who want to know about Eternal Darkness and Pokemon. All is listed but a stub is needed to be completed. File:Pokemon logo lizensen.jpg



This was made for the want of people especially for the Pokefan and Eternal Darkness Fans. Also This was made for the knowledge of imagination and fantasy.


This is the most important concept of ED PMwiki because moat of our wiki is not real and not realistic. This will expand if one of our knowledge, Imagination is Part of the Concept.

All about the two Wiki


Pokemon is a video game or tv show showing some of the animals with amazing powers called Pokemon or Poket Monsters. Released in the 1990's and aired in 1996 at the same time airing it's rival, Digimon or Digital Monsters. In the show all the variaty of types, shapes, sizes of every pokemon is shown. Everything is fantasy and not really proven to be seen by people.


Eternal Darkness

Released in 2000. This game is for mature players only. This is a strategy game wherein you must find out who beheaded and killed your grandfather. Thereare three ancients that you can pick and defeat. Just easy if you have the amount of strategy needed.

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