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Albany Freemen

Anaheim Roosters ( moved to Oakland Ravens )

Anchorage Bobsleds ( renamed Anchorage Goldpanners )

Baltimore Globules ( renamed Baltimore Minoens )

Birmingham Snipers

Buffalo Chicken Wings ( JHL )

Calgary Zambonis ( renamed Calgary Caribous )

Charlotte Snackers / Griffins ( renamed Charlotte Disco )

Chicago Dynamites ( JHL )

Denver Targets ( renamed Denver Vultures )

Green Bay Cheezz / Grasshoppers

Green Bay Watchtowers

Hamilton Hammerers

Hamilton Spitfires

Houston Meteors ( 2 Teams )

Jacksonville Oppossums

Kentucky Wildhorses

Laval Banlieusards

Memphis Kings ( 2 teams, not current Memphis Kings )

Milwaukee B-Bash / Badgers

Milwaukee Bombers

Nashville Cowboys

Nashville Iron Dukes

New Orleans Skeletons / Pirates ( renamed New Orleans Skulls )

New York Empire

Norfolk Orcas

Oklahoma City Dark ( renamed Oklahoma City Dark Invaders )

Philadelphia Bellboys

Philadelphia Elites

Phoenix Dragsters ( moved to Memphis Kings )

Phoenix Longhorns

Phoenix Moon Howlers

Pittsburgh Popsicles ( moved to Winnipeg Blades )

Sacramento Pioneers

Sacramento Red Cross

San Antonio Mission

San Francisco Flamingos ( renamed San Francisco Pink Panthers )

San Jose Pilgrims

San Jose Pixels

Sault-Ste-Marie Thunderbirds

Spokane Cheyennes

Syracuse Jets

Syracuse Presidents

Tampa Bay Piranhas

Tampa Bay Tritons / Tiger Shrimps

Thunder Bay Barons

Toledo Crush

Toledo Whitefeet

Toronto Metropols ( JHL )( not current Toronto Metropols )

Toronto Astongs

Toronto Polar Bears

Vancouver Rebels ( renamed Vancouver Pacific Salmons )

Washington Greenboots ( not current Washington Greenboots )

Washington Obelisk

Windsor Dragsters ( moved to Phoenix Dragsters, then to Memphis Kings )

Windsor Dukes

Winnipeg Spies ( moved to Pittsburgh Planters )

Winston-Salem Wizards

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