The Pabst Cup Awarded to the playoff winning team.

Bethesda Memorial Cup Awarded to the regular season champions.


McLouis Plate Regular season MVP.

Naxos Trophy Most points in regular season.

Picchu Golden Stick Most goals in regular season.

Malouf Trophy Most assists in regular season.

Bigben Award Most outstanding defenseman.

Niebuhr Golden Pads Most outstanding goalie.

Deucalion Candelabra Goalie with the best save percentage.

Master Puck Best defensive forward.

Sickles Gold Medal Playoff MVP.

Tartempion Trophy Best plus/minus score.

Landrix Award Most outstanding rookie.

Jupiter Silver Buck Most outstanding goon.

Cream Cup Most gentlemanly conduct.

Latrippe Bronze Token Community and leadership.

Jonyranch Granite Jock Strap Perseverance and sportsmanship.

Goldwin Golden Balls Most outstanding coach.

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