***If you're clueless about how to use your event pages, take a look at this. Feel free to add to it.


  1. Bob
  2. Betty


  • Sample Event Rock Throwing
    • Bob
  • Sample Event Toilet Papering
    • Betty
  • Sample Event Cliff Jumping
    • Bob
  • Sample Event Putting-up-chairs
    • Betty


Bob: Okay, there are some things we gotta take care of. I think I've got a pretty good handle on Rock Throwing, so I'll take that. You wanna take the Cliff Jumping?
Betty: Excellent choice. But sorry, I think you're more aerodynamically suitable for the Cliff Jumping. I'll take Toilet Papering though. I took a class on that back in middle school.
Bob: Ummm. Okay, fine. Do you know what Putting-up-chairs is? I sure don't.
Betty: Can't you read? It's right here.
Bob: Thanks! That clears up a lot. I created a links section... I'm putting that very useful link there. We can add to the list later.
Betty: Okay, well, I guess I'll do that. Oh remember: when throwing rocks, hitting someone's head is an automatic DQ!
Bob: Darn it. Well, remember... no more than 5 rolls of toilet paper are allowed.
Betty: ackkk. I'll make a section for that.

Rules to remember

  • No throwing rocks at heads
  • No more than 5 rolls of toilet paper



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