Breeze - A light breeze that doesn't do much damage other than mussing up your oponents hair. It's more typically used domestically for cooling houses in hot weather and for light dusting without disturbing anything delicate or breakable.

Gust - A stronger wind that can be used to hinder the movements of the opponent. This too isn't a very harmfull spell unless someone adds some kind of debris tot he wind such as gravel or small thumb tacks. It's most often used domestically for blowing leaves and pine needles off of streets, porches, and lawns. With it's high level of control it is also often used for cleaning storm gutters and rooftops.

Tornado - The most effective spell in the wind category, this powerfull spell lifts opponents off of their feet, spinning them around and carrying them up to 15 feet in the air before dissipating and dropping them abruptly. It is a particularly dangerous spell as the fall at the end of the spell can easilly result in broken limbs and even death if the happen to land the wrong way.

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