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The Begining

There is a tale that many years ago in a galaxy quite far from ours, there were races of aliens that lived in relative peace and harmony. They were called the Collective. The occastional war was not unheard of but also nobody was really a big dick to anybody else. There was one species that was older than all the others. Some say they were the first beings to ever exist. They were simply called, "Reactionaries". Though they had great power, they did not meddle with other species. They were sworn to simply watch the universe. Only intervening when the need was great. But they were nervious. They called a meeting and recalled all of their kind. Every ship from diplomatic transports to parcel ships were called back to the home system.

The highest of council members stood together and sent out a comm link to all the ships in the system. They spoke of a prophesy. A prophesy that foretold that this cycle would be a turning point for all the universe, an ultimatum. The balance between good and evil will be shifted. The prophesy was vauge on in which direction it would shift but it knew it would. The entire race went into a frezy. A shift to good is of no reason to fortell a change. They concluded it must have to be a change for the worse.

The first strikes were a harsh blow to the Collective. A species known as the Ave had risen and taken action against the Collective. A proud warrior race that openly refused to join the Collective when it first came to existance, the Ave's stuck first against the weaker, outer races and had a road straight for the inner worlds paved with blood. The species pulled back, setting up defences for their home planets. The Reactionaries called all members of their race back home and began one last meeting. They decided the time was nigh and they had to activate thair hail mary. Every possible Reactionary was given weapons and ships and their last wages. They were all willing to die for Project: Salvation.

Project Salvation

The Reactionaries took their best and brightest and took them to a place deep inside their planet's core where they had the finest euquipment in the entire galaxy. They worked for endless days while their bretheren fought and died just on the planet's surface so they may create a being capable of restoring the balance. They took traits from all species and weeded out what was uneeded and refined it, making what was left Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger. And that they did--with terrifying accuracy.

The thing they created was still gestating when the Ave army had broken through the lines. They were heading down to the core where Project Salvation was taking place. The alarms blared and warning lights flashed as the Reactionaries knew what they had to do. They prematuraly activated the release procedure and stood their ground with weapons brandished to the only enterance for the Ave menace. The doors burst open and both sides clashed together. Blows were exchanged, brave warriors on both sides gave their lives for their cause. One to destroy; the other to protect. And just as the last Reactionary was surrounded, a dripping sound was heard in the distance. All eye's turned to see the newly birthed being standing there in all his nude glory.

An Ave took this respite as an opportunity and thrust a combat

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