Early in 2004, we created a framework for a common vocabulary on Executive Development (taxonomy). Sub-sets of this taxonomy are being discussed and detailed during meetings since then. The taxonomy should become the core of the newly created Wiki.

Currently, we use the following landscape:

Organisation Development

The ability of the organisation to (actively) anticipate on and adapt to the requirements of its stakeholders:

  • shareholders
  • employees
  • governments
  • markets
  • customers

Leadership Profile & Competencies

The dialogue, description and assessment of that set of leadership competencies and behaviours needed to realise organisational goals.

Career & Succession

The match between organisational and individual needs.


The definition, planning organisation, evaluation of development actions.

Issues & topics

Various subject areas that have a topical (sometimes only temporary significance) and that may well end up in one of the above (regular) categories or sink into oblivion.

Organisation of the Executive Development Function

Issues that concerns the jobs and processes of the HRD- or ExecEd function.


Information regarding EMEN, its members and its activities.

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