ET the Extra Terrestrail is a American si-fi film. It was released in Theatres in November 10, 1998. It was a Disney remake of the original 1982 film of the same name.


The film opens in a Californian forest as a group of alien botanists collect flora samples. U.S. government agents appear on the scene, and the aliens flee in their spaceship, mistakenly leaving one of their own behind. The scene shifts to a suburban home, where a 10-year-old boy named Elliott is trying to hang out with his 16-year-old brother Michael and his friends. As he returns from picking up a pizza, Elliott discovers that something is hiding in their tool shed. The creature promptly flees upon being discovered. Despite his family's disbelief, Elliott lures the alien from the forest to his bedroom using a trail of Reese's Pieces candy. Before he goes to sleep, Elliott realizes the alien is imitating his movements. Elliott feigns illness the next morning to stay home from school and play with the alien. Later that day, Michael and their five-year-old sister Gertie meet the alien. They decide to keep him hidden from their mother. When they ask it about its origin, the alien levitates several balls to represent its solar system and then demonstrates its powers by reviving a dead flower plant.

At school the next day, Elliott begins to experience a psychic connection with the alien, including exhibiting signs of intoxication due to the alien drinking beer, and he begins freeing all the frogs in a biology class. As the alien watches John Wayne kiss Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man, Elliott kisses a girl he likes.

The alien learns to speak English by repeating what Gertie says and, at Elliott's urging, dubs itself "E.T." E.T. reads a comic strip where Buck Rogers, stranded, calls for help by building a makeshift communication device, and is inspired to try it himself. He gets Elliott's help in building a device to "phone home" by using a Speak & Spell toy. Michael notices that E.T.'s health is declining and that Elliott is referring to himself as "we".

On Halloween, Michael and Elliott dress E.T. as a ghost so they can sneak him out of the house. Elliott and E.T. ride a bicycle to the forest, where E.T. makes a successful call home. The next morning, Elliott wakes up in the field, only to find E.T. gone, so he returns home to his distressed family. Michael searches for and finds E.T. dying in a ditch and takes him to Elliott, who is also dying. Mary becomes frightened when she discovers her son's illness and the dying alien, just as government agents invade the house. Scientists set up a medical facility there, quarantining Elliott and E.T. Their link disappears and E.T. then appears to die while Elliott recovers. A grief-stricken Elliott is left alone with the motionless alien when he notices a dead flower, the plant E.T. had previously revived, coming back to life. E.T. reanimates and reveals that his people are returning. Elliott and Michael steal a van that E.T. had been loaded into and a chase ensues, with Michael's friends joining them as they attempt to evade the authorities by bicycle. Suddenly facing a dead end, they escape as E.T. uses telekinesis to lift them into the air and toward the forest.

Standing near the spaceship, E.T.'s heart glows as he prepares to return home. Mary, Gertie, and "Keys", a government agent, show up. E.T. says goodbye to Michael and Gertie, as Gertie presents E.T. with the flower that he had revived. Before entering the spaceship, E.T. tells Elliott "I'll be right here", pointing his glowing finger to Elliott's forehead. He then picks up the flower Gertie gave him, walks into the spaceship, and takes off, leaving a rainbow in the sky as Elliott (and the rest of them) watches the ship leave.


  • Elliot (played by Corey Lopez)
  • Michael (played by Patrick Renna)
  • Gertie (played by Mera Baker)
  • Mary (played by Eve Gordon)
  • Keys (played by Trey Parker)
  • Greg, Steve and Tyler (played by Brian Eppes, Alexander Jhin and Daneboe)
  • The young girl Elliott kisses in class (played by Muesia Kuers)


  • The musical arrangements used in this movie were also heard in "A Bug' Life".
  • When Elliott (played by Corey Lopez) screams as sees a mysterious alien (whose he mistooken for a monster), his scream is Paul's scream from "The Blob" (when Paul got killed by the blob), except it was pitched up to +2 and mixed with Corey Lopez's Mid 1998 voice.
  • When Elliott (played by Corey Lopez) continues screaming as he hears alien noises, his scream was silimar to Arthur's scream from "Arthur's Lost Library Book" (when Arthur runs away from the hand like monster, which grabs him and pulls him away from the house), except it was pitched down to -5 and mixed with Carlos' Mid 1998 Season 4 voice.
  • The same ET was also seen in the 1982 Universal Studios movie of the same name.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Corey Lopez (as Elliott) wears the same clothes like he did in "Up We Go!". In the second haft, he wears the ones in "Room For Everyone". In the third to fifth haft, he wears the ones in "It's Raining, It's Pouring". And at the end, he wears the ones in "Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends"
  • This film was released on VHS in April 20th 1999.




  1. 1997 Green FBI Warning Screens
  2. Green MPAA Screen
  3. Stay Tuned/Coming to Video (Customized for ET the Extra Terrestrail (1998))
  4. Alice in Wonderland/Robin Hood VHS Preview
  5. Madeline Lost in Paris VHS Preview
  6. Flick's Musical Adventure VHS Preview
  7. Videos promo (ET version)
  8. Tarzan Sneak Preview (as seen on A Bug's Life 1999 VHS)
  9. Feature Presentation logo (customized for ET the Extra Terrestrail (1998))
  10. Green Format Screen
  11. THX logo
  12. 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo
  13. Opening of Film

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