EX Dragon Frontiers
(Pokémon Trading Card Game)
EX-15 Logo
EX Dragon Frontiers logo
Cards in set 101
Expansion Code DF
Set number Fifteen (By Pokémon USA)
Release Date November 8, 2006
Preceding Set EX Crystal Guardians
Following Set EX Power Keepers
Included in the 2006-2007 Modified Format
Included in the 2007-2008 Modified Format

EX Dragon Frontiers is the fifteenth Pokémon Trading Card Game set released by Pokémon USA. It is based on an unknown set of islands far away, inhabited primarily by Dragon Pokémon (thus making it likely that these islands are the Dragon Frontiers). It marks the final appearance of Delta Species Pokémon, after they debuted in EX Delta Species and returned in EX Holon Phantoms and EX Crystal Guardians, as well as a brief appearance in EX Legend Maker.

Types of Pokémon


Pokémon-ex are incredibly powerful. Their HP are usually far above that of their regular form, and they are much stronger. On occasions, some Pokémon-ex, such as Altaria ex, have two Resistances, and some have no Weakness (such as Dragonite ex). Some, however, such as Typhlosion ex, have two Weaknesses, putting them at a disadvantage. Another disadvantage of Pokémon-ex is that when Knocked Out, the player who has done so must take two Prize cards instead of the usual one.


Pokémon-* tend to be fairly similar to Pokémon-ex in that their HP are sometimes elevated and they can sometimes be stronger than their regular counterparts. However, this is not as regular in Pokémon-* as it is in Pokémon-ex. Pokémon-* usually appear in sets in groups of three; for example, Mudkip, Treecko and Torchic and Regirock, Regice and Registeel. Only one Pokémon-* may be put in a deck, regardless of whether it is a 30-card deck or a 60-card deck.

Delta Species Pokémon

Delta Species Pokémon are Pokémon that have had their genes modified, causing a disturbance in their regular pattern - as well as their natural types. Delta Species Pokémon behave in a very similar way to normal Pokémon: you can evolve a Delta Species Pokémon from a normal Pokémon and vice versa, and they can use the vast majority of Trainer and Energy cards that can be used by normal Pokémon. Delta Species Pokémon also have some Trainer and Energy cards that can be used exclusively with them, such as Holon Researcher.

New Attack Effects

EX Dragon Frontiers introduces two unique new effects to the game, which are present only in this set. The two effects are called Imprison and Shock-wave, and can be used only by Gardevoir ex and Tyranitar ex respectively.

Imprison and Shock-wave use markers similar to Burn and Poison, but are not classed as Special Conditions. The markers can be removed from a Pokémon when evolving or devolving it, or taking it out of play altogether. However, retreating the Pokémon does not remove the marker. A Pokémon can have both markers on it at any one time.

One Pokémon in EX Dragon Frontiers, Tropius, is the only card that currently allows you to remove these markers from your Pokémon. When you play the card from your hand to your bench, its Tropical Heal Poké-Power allows you to remove all Special Conditions and Markers from all of your Pokémon.


EX-15 099 Tyranitar ex

Tyranitar ex

The Imprison Poké-Power can be used by Gardevoir ex. It allows you to put one Imprison marker on one of your opponent's Pokémon each turn (except if Gardevoir ex is affected by a Special Condition). Any Pokémon with an Imprison marker on it can't use any Poké-Powers it has, and any Poké-Bodies it has are deactivated. This renders some Pokémon, such as Snorlax, useless.


The Shock-wave effect can be used by Tyranitar ex. It involves putting a Shock-wave marker on any of your opponent's Pokémon and then knocking it out. Tyranitar ex's Electromark attack allows you to put a Shock-wave marker on one of your opponent's Pokémon, and its Shock-wave attack lets you Knock Out that Pokémon. Because these are effects of attacks used by Tyranitar ex, they can be nulled if the opponent uses an attack that prevents all effects of the attacks during your next turn, or if one of your Pokémon in play has a Poké-Power or Poké-Body that prevents effects of attacks from your opponent's Pokémon.

Set List

EX-15 098 Salamence ex

Salamence ex

  • 1/101 Ampharos
  • 2/101 Feraligatr
  • 3/101 Heracross
  • 4/101 Meganium
  • 5/101 Milotic
  • 6/101 Nidoking
  • 7/101 Nidoqueen
  • 8/101 Ninetales
  • 9/101 Pinsir
  • 10/101 Snorlax
  • 11/101 Togetic
  • 12/101 Typhlosion
  • 13/101 Arbok
  • 14/101 Cloyster
  • 15/101 Dewgong
  • 16/101 Gligar
  • 17/101 Jynx
  • 18/101 Ledian
  • 19/101 Lickitung
  • 20/101 Mantine
  • 21/101 Quagsire
  • 22/101 Seadra
  • 23/101 Tropius
  • 24/101 Vibrava
  • 25/101 Xatu
  • 26/101 Bayleef
  • 27/101 Croconaw
  • 28/101 Dragonair
  • 29/101 Electabuzz
  • 30/101 Flaaffy
  • 31/101 Horsea
  • 32/101 Kirlia
  • 33/101 Kirlia
  • 34/101 Nidorina
  • 35/101 Nidorino
  • 36/101 Quilava
  • 37/101 Seadra
  • 38/101 Shelgon
  • 39/101 Smeargle
  • 40/101 Swellow
  • 41/101 Togepi
  • 42/101 Vibrava

  • 43/101 Bagon
  • 44/101 Chikorita
  • 45/101 Cyndaquil
  • 46/101 Dratini
  • 47/101 Ekans
  • 48/101 Elekid
  • 49/101 Feebas
  • 50/101 Horsea
  • 51/101 Larvitar
  • 52/101 Larvitar
  • 53/101 Ledyba
  • 54/101 Mareep
  • 55/101 Natu
  • 56/101 Nidoran♀
  • 57/101 Nidoran♂
  • 58/101 Pupitar
  • 59/101 Pupitar
  • 60/101 Ralts
  • 61/101 Ralts
  • 62/101 Seel
  • 63/101 Shellder
  • 64/101 Smoochum
  • 65/101 Swablu
  • 66/101 Taillow
  • 67/101 Totodile
  • 68/101 Trapinch
  • 69/101 Trapinch
  • 70/101 Vulpix
  • 71/101 Wooper
  • 72/101 Buffer Piece
  • 73/101 Copycat
  • 74/101 Holon Legacy
  • 75/101 Holon Mentor
  • 76/101 Island Hermit
  • 77/101 Mr. Stone's Project
  • 78/101 Old Rod
  • 79/101 Professor Elm's Training Method
  • 80/101 Professor Oak's Research
  • 81/101 Strength Charm
  • 82/101 TV Reporter
  • 83/101 Switch

Special Energy
  • 84/101 Holon Energy FF
  • 85/101 Holon Energy GL
  • 86/101 Holon Energy WP
  • 87/101 Boost Energy
  • 88/101 δ Rainbow Energy
  • 89/101 Scramble Energy
  • 90/101 Altaria ex
  • 91/101 Dragonite ex
  • 92/101 Flygon ex
  • 93/101 Gardevoir ex
  • 94/101 Kingdra ex
  • 95/101 Latias ex
  • 96/101 Latios ex
  • 97/101 Rayquaza ex
  • 98/101 Salamence ex
  • 99/101 Tyranitar ex
  • 100/101 Charizard
  • 101/101 Mew

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