3 of 14/Emily Sullivan
Full Name Emily Katie Sullivan
Rank Force Colonel
Age 27
Spouse Senior Commander Bertus Hansman
Children - Ensign Sarah Hansman(adopted)
Father Captain Jack Sullivan
Mother Lt. Lucy Keating
Sibling(s) - Mark Sullivan
Starfleet Record - USS Athena - Major
- USS Firebreather - Major -> Marshall <- Colonel
USS Angel- Force Colonel
Languages Spoken English, Klingon, Cardassian, Bajoran, Breen and Romulan
Education - Daytime classes on the USS Vigilante
Place of Birth Oxford, England

Highly Classified Eyes Only

Emily Katie Sullivan leads a shattered but now rebuilt life. Formerly a borg drone under the designation of 3 of 14. She now stands her groud against the borg wherever she sees them in an attempt to redeem her actions as a borg drone.

Early Life

Emily Katie Sullivan born in Oxford, England on the 18/7/2477. Her father was a starfleet captain and her mother a Lt. It was 6 years later in 2483 when at the young age of 6 she stepped onto a ship for the first time, the shape of things to come. The ship was the USS Vigilante under the command of her father. Emily spent the next 3 years on this ship, tragically in 2486 the Borg boarded the USS Vigilante and assimilated the entire ship population including Emily and her parents.

Borg life

As a borg Emily's designation was 3 of 14. She was a rareity in that she was stationed on the Borg Collectives homeworld where the collective is rooted and the major borg decisions made. As such only the most trustworthy of drones are stationed here Emily was thought to be one of these. However the Borg were unaware that Emily through an encounter with Cardassians had been infected with a computer virus so there were times when Emily was more "Emily" than 3 of 14. So now there were times when Emily was hearing the Collective discuss its weaknesses, this the Borg could not allow but they had no knowledge that Emily was hearing these discussions as an individual and not machine.

Starfleet Duty Record Part 1

In 2497 Emily was captured by the USS Athena and deassimilated. She was given the position of Marine Commanding Officer at the rank of Major. It was now that the Collective realised that Emily knew its weaknesses.It assigned the Borg order 14 to pursue Emily and when possible either kill her or reassimilate her. Emily was now leading Guerrilla raids into Romulan space in response to a declaration of war by the Romulans on the United Federation of Planets.

Emily's ability to command Marines in the way she demonstrated on the USS Athena earned her a temporary assignment onboard the USS Firebreather which was ordered to the Romulan Neutral Zone to discover what the Romulans had planned for the war.

Emily was a virtual unknown early on in the assignment early on all she did was make Tim O'Reilly her Marine XO. she was most likely an unknown because she was only supposed to be there for a mission and then leave. She almost instantly advanced to the rank of Lt Col from Major after a crucial yet successful raid on a Romulan warbird. That was all she was able to do on her assignment yet she didn't leave because Captain Summers agreed to extend it for another mission unfortunatley though the Firebreather was then lost through a quantum foam to the year 2381 so Emily was then a permanent fixture in the Firebreather crew.

around 2 months later the USS Firebreather was involved in a first contact mission which again allowed Emily to lead the Marines in a mission again she did this successfully. The unfortunate side of this was that in the process of the mission the USS Firebreather was destroyed and the USS Firebreather-A commissioned.

Emily was then promoted to the position of second officer in addition to her duties as the Marine Commanding Officer. She didn't get off to a good start with this new position as she lead a near mutiny with the help of Saren on the Firebreather when it was sent to retrieve the AT56 from Klingon rebels her conduct in this matter earned her a court marshall and a severe sentence which was later revoked.

Emily was then kidnapped by Romulan rebels and Dever to rescue her it took the combined efforts of the USS Firebreather-A and the USS Holland-A. Emily also managed to severely wound Dever in her escape to the Firebreather by use of a romulan scout ship later renamed Ember. and soon to be chief science officer Of the Firebreather Rhekel.

When the Firebreather was lost at starbase 464 and the fire was raging Emily and the marines played a crucial part in holding off the Fire while the rest of the crew evacuated the civilians to the docking bay. However minutes later Emily was in a very bad position as she and Serevan Kristov were over the edge of a metal bridge with Serevan holding onto Emily who was being held by Bond the situation resulted in Serevan's death as he sacrificed himself to save Emily,a true heroic action and one which did not go unrecognised as it later earned him the valiant service medal grade 1. Only the following day Emily's decision making skills were put to the ultimate test as with Captain Andre Rantonia buried under tonnes of titanium and a fire heading their way with Bertus Hansman hesistant Emily made the decision to leave Andre Rantonia for dead this did not go down well with Karina Rantonia who immediately took her anger out on Emily as the two fought both taking a hammering from the other. Emily then tried to hold the fire off but when this failed an evacuation of the docking bay was nessercary and Andre Rantonia was left behind. However getting Karina Rantonia away from the onrushing fire meant that Emily was swallowed by it and should have died had it not been for the heat of the fire collasping the deck floor beneath her. Emily then returned to the docking bay in a very bad state and was welcomed back by all and was then also awarded the valiant service medal grade 1.

the next event in her time on the Firebreather was very difficult for Emily as the appearance of H'Daen who is the older brother of Saren. H'Daen claimed that Saren was deserter of the Romulan military. Emily followed Saren to the shuttlebay on the Firebreather and they argued and then fought, this bought enough time for a romulan boarding party to arrive and arrest Saren.

Emily was then employed on Earth at Starfleet academy during the period 2382-2383 she was teaching squad tactics. Unfortunatley her Mother died in 2383 and her father disappeared. She also worked with the Fusion project during this time

Tal'Shiar Service Record

From the back end of 2383 to the end of 2385 Emily was in the service of H'Daen as an honourary Tal'Shiar agent she proved useful in many areas and earned the respect of the Romulan Military, the Tal'Shiar and the Romulan senate such friendship is not easily lost. Her finest hour as a Tal'Shiar agent came on Derralia 5 where she led a small strike force into the system to clear out the defences before a main ground force arrived. She was then called by Starfleet back to Starbase 1 where she found the Ember and her old team waiting for her they were then ordered to the USS Firebreather-A.

Starfleet Record Part 2

On return to the Firebreather Emily maintained her relationship with Senior Commander Bertus Hansman she was shocked to discover that the AT56 was onboard this led to a meeting on the Firebreather where the following Flag Officers were present

Representatives of the Firebreather were Emily, Captain Andre Rantonia and Senior Commander Bertus Hansman. The vote on the continuation of the AT56 development program was 5-1 in favour. the single objection came from Captain Andre Rantonia cost the Captain his command and he was relieved of it, he was freed by Emily in a daring raid and the Firebreather sped off for the neutral zone where they met H'Daen and together they held out against the starfleet task force sent after them all 3 of the Firebreather command crew were court marshalled but all were let off when Admiral Kris Hilder persuaded the head judge otherwise.

Almost immediately following this was an attack on Karina Rantonia this led to an investigation being headed up by Emily it soon became clear that the attack had missed the intended target and that it was the Captain who was the target. Eventually though the person behind it Kuvar Ju'To was able to flee the Firebreather. Despite the crews best efforts to stop him.

After that the Firebreather went into a bit of downtime not much happened until they faced off against the borg on Prendel 3, with Emily again nearly losing her life in the process. It was a few days later that Captain Andre Rantonia and his family were murdered by Kuvar Ju'To Emily was given command of the USS Firebreather although all things considered she probably was the darkhorse.

Emily first mission in command regarded recovery of the fusion class starship the outcome of the fusion project, the cardassians had refused to return it to starfleet so in went the USS Firebreather and after some complications including klingon hijackers the job was done. It was however far from the end of the story as on return to starbase 1 the USS Firebreather leant aid to the USS Holland which had been boarded by a race known as the Phy'G, the Firebreather crew under Emily's command carried out a successful rescue mission unfortunately the cost was that of the Holland and its captain, Emily in response accepted the Holland crew aboard the Firebreather. although shortly after the Phy'G boarded the Firebreather and forced Emily to sacrifice it. The USS Firebreather-B was commissioned as a fusion class, its shakedown cruise was effectively the battle of Indrii Prime, where a romulan task force attacked the heart of Pathfinder Alliance, The Firebreather crew rose to the challenge and were able to contribute to the Alliances victory.

What many people regard as Emily's finest hour came after this, the Battle of Qon'os, the Izenians under Devers leadership were launching an attack on the klingon homeworld and the Federation was prepared to stand idly by and do nothing. Emily yet again went against orders and intervened successfully defending first city alongside her own crew and the Qon'os guard under Garanants command, Emily again fought Dever this time atop the Kristak volcano again Emily was superior and again Dever was down for the moment.

After that and a run in with the borg Emily discovered the missing piece of the puzzle of what had happened at Starbase 464, the so called alien ship that had fired on the USS Firebreather-A had been the USS Firebreather-B, which considering the appearance and technology of the fusion class is understandable, Emily accidentally in the process of this situation, changed many of the events that happened to the USS Firebreather-A soon after Starbase 464, such as saving Captain Rantonia's life, convincing Saren not to turn traitor and saving the life of Serevan Kristov.

On Beol 4, Emily met Michael a mystic who claimed to be hiding from his own kind and the borg, Emily also met Ve'Sak a Cardassian and Rachia a Bajoran escaping wasn't easy as they ended up fighting on two fronts but after a close call they pulled it off.

Emily then docked the Firebreather at Starbase Defender which houses experimental weaponry, weaponry some in starfleet wanted for themselves, in a highly charged encounter Andre Rantonia and a small crew of other officers courageously flew the Firebreather out it was beaten easily and all but the two Rantonia's died onboard it, However most of the Firebreather crew including Emily were aboard the station at this time, Emily with the help of her brother Mark was able to return the Rantonia family safely to their real time period.

A couple of months after this the USS Angel was commissioned and Emily was chosen as it's commanding officer, also selected for positions were many of the old Firebreather crew. Early on they fought Phy'G and borg over a new energy source the Aegis particle.

Only two things are of note at this point regarding Emily and the USS Angel, Michael is evil something that Emily and Mark discovered when they played a game of Celestia against him, also Emily did get her chance to destroy the borg a chance she took but with Michael's betrayal happening shortly after she has since had to rely on a temporal intervention by Col Nicleson to keep the Borg in the game.

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