Early Learning Volume 02: Number 2

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This is the Number 2


  • Hum Bear - William Simmonds
  • Melody Mouse - Marky Mason
  • Sally - Hollie Weikel
  • Jonathon - Aaron Cooley
  • The Wonder Kids
  • Larry Groce
  • The Disneyland Children's Sing Along Chorus
  • Greg Scelsa
  • Raffi
  • The Greg & Steve Kids
  • Barney - Voice: Bob West & Body: David Joyner
  • Baby Bop - Voice: Julie Johnson & Body: Jeff Ayers
  • BJ - Voice: Patty Wiltaz & Body: Jeff Brooks
  • Michael - Brain Eppes
  • Min - Pia Hamilton
  • Kathy - Lauren King
  • Tosha - Hope Cervantes
  • Luci - Leah Montes
  • Shawn - John David Bennett II
  • Derek - Rickey Carter
  • Carlos - Corey Lopez
  • Julie - Susannah Wetzel
  • Robert - Angel Velasco (sound music)
  • Keesha - Mera Baker (sound music)
  • Hannah - Marisa Kuers (sound music)
  • Jeff - Austin Ball (sound music)
  • Maria - Jessica Hinojosa (sound music)


  1. Skidamarink (Taken from Wee Sing Together)
  2. Head Shoudlers Knees and Toes (Taken from Wee Sing Together)
  3. If You're Happy and You Know It (Taken from Wonder Kids: Kindergarden Sing & Learn)
  4. Hokey Pokey (Taken from Disney's Childrens Favorites)
  5. The Mack Chicken Dance Medley (Taken from Greg & Steve: Big Fun)
  6. Listen and Move (Taken from Greg & Steve: We All Live Together)
  7. He's Got the Whole World (Taken from Raffi: Rise and Shine)
  8. The World is a Rainbow (Taken from Greg & Steve: We All Live Together)
  9. Sarasponda (Taken from A Camping We Will Go)
  10. Clean Up (Taken from May I Help You)
  11. The Muffin Man Medley (Taken from Shopping for a Surprise)
  12. Seven Days (Taken from Barney's A Great Day for Learning)
  13. Today We Can Say (Taken from Barney's A Great Day for Learning)
  14. The Rainbow Song (Taken from The Treasure of Rainbow Beard)
  15. I Love You (Taken from Shopping for a Surprise)


Distributed by Lyrick Studios & PolyGram Video


May 8, 2007


  1. Macrovision Quality Protection Logo (1997)
  2. PolyGram Video FBI Warning (1993-2002)
  3. PolyGram Video Logo (1997-1999)
  4. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)
  5. Barney's Talent Show Trailer
  6. Barney's Fun & Games Trailer
  7. Early Learning: Number 2 Intro & Title Card


  1. Credits (from Good Manners for Rock with Barney)
  2. Gold Coast Television Entertainment Logo (1998)
  3. PolyGram Television Logo (1997-1999)
  4. PBS Kids ID Logo (1993-1996)
  5. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)

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