Appalachian SU (per rejection letter)
Brown (Comp Lit -- per rejection letter)
Boise State
Case Western
Dickinson C.
Eureka College
Franklin & Marshall
Hobart and William Smith
Hunter College
Indiana University
Kent State University, Trumbull Campus
Mercyhurst (according to rejection letter)
Missouri Southern State
Oregon State (per rejection letter)
Slippery Rock (per rejection letter)

Spring Hill
St. Mary's
Temple U.
Texas Christian U. (per rejection letter)
Tulane U. (grapevine)
U of Central Arkansas
U of Georgia
U of Houston, Clear Lake
U of Oregon
U of North Texas
U of South Dakota
U of Virginia
Virginia Tech
Wayne State (2 of 2)

OFFERS MADE [Note: I have added in several offers reported in the posts for the individual colleges below that apparently hadn't made it onto this list. I cannot verify accuracy.] WHY ARE PEOPLE DELETING FROM THE OFFERS MADE SECTION???????
Take a breath: that was my thought at first, also. But if you click on the "history" tab above and then look at the series of edits, you can see that what likely happened is that one candidate was lucky enough to be offered more than one job, posted the one s/he accepted above under "Offers Accepted," and then, likely with the intention of keeping the "Offers Made" list accurate, removed the other jobs on this list that he or she turned down. So this isn't vandalism, just a well-intentioned but easily misinterpreted editing move. For the future, I think it makes the most sense NOT to delete any of the schools already listed under "Offers Made." If you were offered a job but turned it down, I think we can assume that the SC immediately contacted the next candidate, so there is still an offer that has been made. If someone would like to suggest something different, propose away!
Allegheny College
Alma College
Boise State
Dickinson C.
Eureka College
Franklin & Marshall
High Point
Hobart and William Smith
Hunter College
Indiana U.
Oregon State
Randolph Macon (rumored)
Spring Hill
Temple U.
Texas Tech
Tulane U.
U @ Buffalo
U of Georgia
U of Houston, Clear Lake
U of North Texas
U of Oklahoma
U Tulsa
U Virginia (see below)
Virginia Polytechnic
Wayne State (rumored)(it's true) (yes, they ended up having two junior lines this year)
Wright State
Xavier U

[[Link title]]==Campus Visits scheduled
== Please remember to update the info under the particular school's heading too and give the date the campus visit was requested.

Updated: 2/23/08
Case Western
Dickinson C
Fairleigh Dickinson
Franklin and Marshall
Harvard U
Hobart and William Smith
Hunter - CUNY
Mercer U
Missouri Southern State U
NC State
North Dakota State U
Oregon State U
Slippery Rock
Spring Hill
Stephen F Austin State U
SUNY Buffalo
Sweet Briar
Texas Christian U
Texas Tech
U of Alabama
U of California, Irvine
U of Georgia
U of Houston Clear Lake
U of Iowa
U of Kentucky
U of North Carolina, Greensboro
U of North Texas
U of Oklahoma
U of Texas San Antonio
U of Virginia
U of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Virginia Tech
Wayne State U
Willamette (please see Q under Willamette, below)
Wright State

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'Allegheny C (PA) (Ren/WS)

Deadline: November 1
ack email 10-23
Request for more materials: 11-22, 11/29
'MLA interview scheduled' (12/14),(12/15--yes, on a Saturday! Me too: apparently they called West Coasters a day later. I'm in the East and they called me on Sat too.)
Campus visit scheduled: 1/24
Offer accepted: 3/5

'Alma C (MI)

Deadline: 11/1 Ack. email rec'd 11/7
Request for more materials: (3)11/28
Rejection after dossier request: 12/10
Rejection by email: 1/4/08
Campus Visit scheduled: 1/4/08

'Appalachian SU

Did they schedule an interview without asking for a writing sample?
MLA interview scheduled and writing sample requested 11/30
A: See "Discussion"

'Assumption C (MA)

Deadline: November 30
Ack rec'd 10/30; 12/3
Rejection letter 12/10 (dtd. 12/4)
Rejection letter 1/14/08 MLA interview requested (along with additional materials)12/11
Is the 1/14 rejection letter post MLA interview? Finalists selected.

'Augustana College (SD)

Deadline: November 1

SC contacted candidates in mid-November; they were planning to go straight to campus interviews and extend an offer prior to the MLA.

'Bard C (17th-18th centuries, asst./assoc.)

Deadline: November 15
FYI: By all means apply, but I recommend taking a job at Bard only as a completely LAST resort...
To keep the list readable, long discussion has been moved here:
See also posting at restoration_and_18th_century_british.
Dossier and writing sample request (12/5). I work in the Renaissance, so it would appear that they are open to candidates with areas of interest prior to the Restoration and Enlightenment.
12/19/07 MLA interview request via email

'Boise State U

Deadline: November01
Phone Interview Scheduled, 11/16 (2)
Campus Visit scheduled 12/10
Rejection letter mailed 12/14
Phone interview scheduled 2/11
Campus visit scheduled 3/6
(Sure makes you wonder what is happening with this search)
(First round of campus visits resulted in failed search)
Offer Made 3/10
Offer Accepted 3/17

'Boston U

Deadline: November 1
More materials request: 10/18
More mat. (dossier/sample/transcr) req'd in snail mail: 11/8 (date, arrived 11/13)
Ack. snail mail rec'd 11/13
Formal Letter of Rejection Sent 10/20, 11/9, 11/13, 11/15, 12/1 (3), 12/3, 12/5, 12/6
Q. Any MLA interviews scheduled yet? A. According to cross-listing of this position on Restoration-18th C pag interviews were scheduled 12/14; same for Medieval

'Brown U (Ren/CompLit)

Deadline: November 5
ack rec'd 11/9
MLA interview request by email (12/17)
Also posted at comp_lit_2007-2008
Q: Does anyone know if they're planning to interview at MLA? Yea, I was wondering the same thing . . .

'Bucknell U

Deadline: November 1
Email ack. rec'd 11/1 (says SC expects to finish app review early Dec; will interview at MLA)
Q: Has anyone heard anything regarding MLA interview requests?
A: I haven't heard anything from them since the email announcing early Dec. reviews. I assume that we should be prepared to have "last minute" announcements. Hopefully no one is relying on word from Bucknell to make arrangements (like I am).
A: I heard they were meeting today (i.e. 12/18) to make some decisions, but I have not heard from them yet. Apparently no one on this list has. Good luck to you, though. If anyone hears, please post so that folks can know.

Q: If, in fact, the committee met on the 18th, I assume that notifications will arrive by email (since conventional mail would arrive within days of the conference)?

A: They would probably make arrangements by phone. I recommend calling their office (570) 577-2000 and reporting back to the site. I would call, but I'm afraid that I've bothered them enough already.
MLA Interview scheduled by phone (12/19)
Campus Visit scheduled (1/9)
Campus Visit scheduled (2/7) (must be a second round)
I had heard that their final campus visit was scheduled for 2/11--how can they be on a second round before their final "first round" campus visit? Unless candidate 3 canceled?
I also heard that the last visit was 2/11 and that they would decide by evening of 2/12. I agree with last post, I suspect candidate #3 cancelled. Given the change of events, I hope we will share when an offer is made so that everyone knows.
An offer has been made

'Canisius College (Buffalo, NY)

Deadline: December 1st.
Ack by letter
Ack by letter 13 Dec
MLA Interview request 12/14 (2) Campus visit arranged

'Cardinal Stritch (WI)

Deadline: November 1

MLA interview request 12/19

See "universities to fear." Be sure to confirm your MLA interview appointment. They've been double-booking.

'Case Western Reserve

Deadline: 11/15
More materials request (3): (10/29)
MLA interview scheduled 12/8
Rejection by email 12/9 (4); 12/10 (5); 12/20 (1)
I had a request for more materials, but have not had a rejection or an interview as of monday morning. I'm not sure if this is completely bad news or just mostly bad. Is anyone else in the same boat?
I'd give at least two business days (Monday thru Friday) before writing any school off.
I'm in the exact same position as of 12/11-received extra materials request but no interview or rejection
I'm the guy who wrote the monday morning entry above, and I'm still no interview/rejection. It's so tempting to hold out hope, but I just don't know what it means. The fact that rejections seem to have gone out on two different days suggest some kind of "rolling practice," but I can't imagine rolling interview offers, though.
Maybe our applications have been relegated to a "maybe pile"-they're deciding whether to interview us or no?
Do I understand correctly that this is an open-rank job? At what rank did those receiving interview requests apply?

Campus Visit Requested

'Colorado State U, Pueblo

Assistant Professor of English specializing in English Literature before 1800
No word yet?
MLA interview scheduled (12/18)
campus visit scheduled

'Concord U

Deadline 11/1
MLA interview scheduled 12/12 (2)

'The Citadel

Deadline: November 7
More materials request: (11/1)(11/28)
MLA Interview Request (12/8)
Word has it they're looking specifically for dramatic.

'DePauw U

Now posted at generalist_and_open
MLA interview scheduled 12/13 (I guess they're looking for renaissance folks after all...)

'Dickinson C

Deadline: November 15
Ack by email 10-26; will call for interviews week of Dec 17
More materials request via email: 12/04, 12/06
MLA Interview Request: 12/14, 12/18
Be careful! The department chair, an early modernist, is a real jerk!

Campus visit arranged

'Eastern U (PA)

Deadline: Nov 20
Any word on this search?

'Eureka College (IL)

Deadline: November 15
Offer accepted, mid-Feb

'Fairleigh Dickinson U.

Deadline 12/10
MLA Interview Request: 12/12 (3)
campus interview requested: 1/2

'Framingham State C November 30

Ack. letter rec'd 12/5 (2)
per last year's wiki, they got as far as campus visits. What happened?
Last year they hired a VAP; this year the tenure-track funding was available.
Notification of semifinalist status rec'd by email: 12/14 (writing sample and teaching video requested by 2/12/08)(2).
Campus visit scheduled 2/21/08

'Franklin & Marshall College (VAP)

Deadline: Nov 16
Ack by mail: 11-13
MLA Interview request 12/04 (2)
Campus Visit scheduled: 1/4/08
Campus Visit scheduled: 2/4/08

'Grinnell College (VAP)

  • 4/15 email ack. of app

'Harvard U

Deadline: October 29
More materials request: 11/21
Has anyone received the postcard acknowledgement they promised in the job posting?
No, but I did receive via email 11/28 a link to their Affirmative Action survey. So did I.
Email link to AA form 12/9
MLA interview request: 12/14 MLA Interview Scheduled: 12/14 Campus visit scheduled

'High Point U (Shakespeare, Renaissance, or Victorian)

Ack rec'd 10/30
MLA interview scheduled: See the Victorian wiki [I guess they were looking for a Victorianist, after all)

'Hobart and William Smith C

Deadline: November 16
Ack. by mail 11-10
Writing Sample request (12/15) (2)
MLA Interview Scheduled (12/16) (12/17)
Campus visit scheduled (1/7) [rumored: position offered]

'Howard University

Deadline: January 15

'Hunter C, CUNY (2 positions; one early modern; one Shakespeare and Ren. Drama)

Deadline: November 1
Ack rec'd 10/30 or thereabouts
Link to same job on 18c page
Alas, someone deleted the 18thc listing of this. Why???? It's not deleted on the 18c page; it's listed under CUNY Hunter, so it's with the "C"s. Ah, I see they had the same confusion!
MLA Interview Request (Shakespeare & Ren Drama): 12/17
MLA Interview Request (Early Mod): 12/17
Campus visit scheduled Early Modern position(1/4) "Was this campus visit for Shakespeare or Early Modern?"

'Indiana University (Comp. Lit.)

Deadline: Nov. 15
Ack. by mail 11/13
MLA interview request 12/02==
campus visit scheduled 12/28
offer made 1/22
Also posted at comp_lit_2007-2008

'Indiana University, Kokomo

Deadline: November 1
MLA interview request 12/12

'Jamestown C (ND)

Review begins Nov. 1
Phone Interview Scheduled

'Kent State University, Trumbull Campus

1/16: Phone interview scheduled for early February
2/8: Campus visit request
4/4: Offer made/Offer accepted

'Louisiana State U

More materials request (11/7)
Materials request 11/25
MLA interview request (12/11)

'Lynchburg College

No Deadline Given
MLA interview request (12/14) (4)

'Mercer U (GA)

Deadline: November 2
Ack. letter rec'd 11/5 (dtd. 11/1)
Interview request 12/4
campus visit request 1/7
There were supposedly two positions at Mercer. Any idea which is the campus visit? Post interview rejection letter dated 1/10
Funding withdrawn for hire by university administration; search cancelled

'Mercyhurst C

Deadline: November 1
Ack by postcard 10-29 (2)
MLA interview request: 12/11 (2)

'Missouri Southern State U

Deadline: November 1
Phone interviews scheduled. (12/10)

1/16 Campus interview request by phone

'Murray State U (KY)

Deadline: November 9
MLA interview request: 12/4
[does anyone know whether Murray State has adopted a hiring freeze like so many KY schools this year?]

post-MLA rejection: no longer being considered (2/14)

'North Carolina State U

Deadline: October 31
MLA interview request: 12/06
rejection letter mailed 2/22

'North Dakota SU

More materials request: 11/28
MLA interview request: 12/14

1/15 and 1/17 Campus interview request by email (they are bringing 3 to campus)

'Ohio University, Lancaster Campus

Deadline: January 2
1/10: Search suspended; plan to reopen later

'Oberlin College (VAP)

Any news? I got the AA card a few weeks ago, but haven't heard anything since. (4/4)

'Oregon State U

Deadline: November 9
More Materials Request (3): Writing Sample plus dossier (letters)11/15
MLA interview request: 12/06 (2)
Rejection letter emailed 12/17 (3)
Campus visit request (1/8)

'Randolph-Macon C

Deadline: November 20
MLA Interview Request: 12/11 (3)
Any news on campus visits yet? (1/12) I haven't heard any thing, although they volunteered that they planned to make decisions about visits around the 8th or 9th of January...maybe they got delayed? (1/13)
According to my notes, they planned to make a decision during the second week of their J-term (i.e., this week). (1/16)
I know of someone who has a visit scheduled. This person was called last week. (1/16)
Keep in mind how many jobs are on the boards this year. R1 institutions usually hire one of their top 2 candidates, but it's not uncommon for smaller schools to have a couple rounds of candidate visits. If you interviewed at MLA at such a school and you haven't received a rejection notice, it may not be over yet.
It's over; received notification last week (2/18) that the position has been filled

'Saint Francis Xavier U

Deadline: 12/1
Q. Any interviews of any kind set for St. FX? A: Nope. With such a late deadline, I bet they're not doing MLA.

Received an email saying the position has been transitioned to limited-term, and was I still interested.

'Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)

Deadline: October 22

'Saint Joseph's U

Deadline: November 2
has anyone received a confirmation from SJU? I mailed my app 10-22 and haven't heard a thing... Mailed? It was an online application. Deadline was only last week: give them time. Email rejection (5): 11/20
Neither rejection nor request: 12/1 [note that the medieval section lists materials requests etc]

'Saginaw Valley State U

Deadline: Open until filled (announcement posted 9/5/07)
Writing Sample request: 11/1
Writing Sample/Teaching Philosophy req. (2): 11/16
MLA interview request: 12/11 (2)

'Slippery Rock U

Deadline: review begins 11/30
Ack. rec'd 11/23
Does anyone have any information on this search? Are they planning on interviewing at MLA?
1/2 (2): References received email asking for letters of recommendation
1/15: Notification of finalist status (will call to schedule on-campus interviews in two weeks or so)

'Southern Methodist U

Deadline: October 19
Ack rec'd 10/30
More materials req 11/7 (3)
MLA Interview Scheduled 12/11 (2)

'Spring Hill College

MLA Request for Interview: 12/4 (2)

Campus visit scheduled: 1/9
Offer made and accepted.

'Sweet Briar C

Deadline: 11/2
Email ack. rec'd 11/2
MLA Interview scheduled 12/14 (2)
Campus Visit scheduled 1/3

'SUNY-Buffalo (2 positions, 1 Assoc., 1 Asst.)

Deadline: November 1
More materials request: 10/31 (2) 11/10 (3)
Second writing sample request: 11/16
Email rejection: 11/26; 11/27 (7) 11/28
Email rejection from SC Chair: 12/10

MLA interview request for Assistant level: 12/5 (4)

Campus visit scheduled: 1/3


Deadline: 10-29
Q: Given all the action at Buffalo, can it really be that Oswego is this quiet? Any news? I don't see how these two searches would be related in any way.
A: See posting at restoration_and_18th_century_british: looks likes they're scheduling MLA interviews as of 12/1.

'Stephen F Austin State U (TX)

Deadline: Nov 15
Phone interview scheduled (by phone) 12/19

1/16 Campus interview request by phone and email

'Temple U

Deadline: October 15
Ack. rec'd by email 10/26
Writing sample request 11/9 (4)
MLA interview scheduled 12/6 (2)
Campus Interview requested 12/31 (2)

'Texas Christian U

Deadline 11/19
Writing sample/dossier request: 10/26
Writing sample/dossier request: 11/9
MLA interview request: 12/7 (5)
1/16: Has anyone heard anything about this one?

A friend has a campus visit scheduled (1/17)

'Texas Tech U (non-dramatic)

Deadline 11/1
Writing sample/dossier request: 11/10
MLA interview request: 12/7

'Offer made 2/6'

'Thiel College (PA)

"Review of applications will begin immediately." (11/30)
Call for campus visit 1/30

'Tulane U

Deadline: Oct 15
EOP form request 10-18
Dossier request 11/28 (3)
Note: there's only one job now due to funding insufficiencies: the first one (Eliz-Jacobean drama) remains, but the "unspecified other" position has been eliminated
MLA Interview Scheduled (12/10) (3)
post-interview rejection via email, 1/11

'U of Alabama-Tuscaloosa (non-dramatic)

Deadline: October 31
more materials requested (writing sample): 11/4
Writing sample/dossier request: 11/9
MLA interviews scheduled 12/15 (2)
Campus visit scheduled 1/10

'U of California, Irvine

Deadline: 11/1
MLA Interview Scheduled (12/13)
By phone or email? (Just so I know which one to stare at all day...)
'campus visits scheduled for January
rejection letter emailed 1/29 (2)

Has an offer been made?

'U of Central Arkansas

Deadline: Nov. 15

'U of Cincinnati

Deadline: 11-8
Ack. by email 10-26
More materials req 11/20 (2), 11/27 (2)
MLA interview scheduled 12/18(2)

'U of Cyprus

Postmark Deadline: 30 November
Acknowledgment rec'd by mail, 13 December (2)
Campus visit scheduled by mail, 17 January(2)

'U of Georgia

Deadline: 12/21
Any opinions on whether this is a "real" search?
A: I'm told it is. And I've heard they'd like to see applications ASAP.
Ack. e-mail rec'd 11/25 (2)
More materials req: 12/4 (5)
Rejection letter: 12/8 (2)
MLA Interview Scheduled (12/13) (2)
I am at UGA; YES, this is emphatically a "real" search, and YES, we would like applications asap, and YES, we do plan to interview at MLA (we will be calling a few candidates this week). The search was announced late because our Provost didn't authorize any hires until the end of November and then it had to go through Human Resources etc. We are asking for materials piecemeal because a very scrupulous committee member wanted to follow MLA Guidelines to the letter, and those say that committees ought not to request writing samples and dossiers right away. Word to the wise: please send your writing sample and rec letters along with your cover letter anyway, unless it really is a financial hardship for you to do so (the concern of our scrupulous colleague).
Q: Does this mean that, if we have not yet been rejected but also have not yet received a request for more materials, we should send a writing sample anyway?
Campus Visit Scheduled (12/29)

'U of Houston, Clear Lake (Shakespeare and Mythology)

Interview request 11/29 (2)
Just a heads up: They currently have a lecturer who guessed it...Shakespeare and Mythology.
They have had long term (2+ years) before the current (Spring 2008) one.

Campus Visit request 1/16

Offer made and accepted, 2/27

'U of Houston, Downtown

Deadline 11/5
MLA interviews scheduled for Medievalist applicants

'U of Iowa

Deadline: November 2
Ack. letter rec'd 10/29 (dtd. 10/25)
Request for more materials (11/3); (11/9, snail mail); (11/13)
MLA Interview scheduled (12/14)
Campus visit scheduled (4)

'U of Kentucky

Deadline: November 2
UK had an early modern search last year? Did it fail? The last notice on the 07-08 wiki says campus visits were scheduled, but nothing beyond that. Anyone know the story? A: They failed to hire in 06-07, so the search remains open. A bid went to #1 who went elsewhere, and they were too late w/ their #2 to put another one on the table.
Ack. letter rec'd (11/27)
MLA Interview Request: (12/7)(3)
campus interview scheduled 1/8(2)
Search cancelled due to hiring freeze.

'U of Louisville

Deadline: Nov. 5
Ack. email rec'd 10/26
More materials req 11/14 (3)
MLA Interview scheduled 12/10
Dean has instituted a hiring freeze; Search Chair does not know if they will be able to hire this year. 1/1

'U of Missouri- St. Louis

Deadline: November 2
Ack rec'd 10/30 or thereabouts
Writing Sample req 12/11 (2)
MLA Interview Request (2) 12/15
email rejection post-MLA interview sent 1/24, campus visits underway

'U of Mobile

Deadline: December 7
Ack. by email 12/20: committee will meet this week to go over applications; they will request additional materials from finalists by the end of this week
Notification of finalist status 12/20 (phone interviews will be held in early January)
Phone interview 1/10 (2)
Campus visit scheduled 1/24

'U of New England

(any aspect of British literature and culture prior to 1800) Has anyone heard from UNE? Will they be at MLA? According to Restoration-18th C list their term goes until Dec 22nd so possibly not meeting until the end of this week. E-mail rejection: 12/19 (3)

Has anyone heard anything at all about the state of the UNE search? (1/22) Friend had campus visit mid Feb, then rejection phone call days later

'U of North Carolina at Greensboro

Deadline: November 2
ack by mail 10-29
Phone Interview request(3): (11/19)
MLA Interview Request: 12/4

'U of North Texas

More materials request: 11/13 (3)
MLA Interview request: 11/30 (2)
Campus Visit scheduled: 12/29

'U of Oklahoma

Deadline: Nov. 10
More Materials Requested (writing sample): 11/5, 11/8
MLA interview request, 11/27 (2)
campus visit scheduled 1/8

'U of Oregon

Deadline: November 9
UO early modern search last year failed, per 07-08 wiki, FYI
Ack. received by mail 11/14
MLA interview request: 12/13
Rejection letter mailed 12/20

Bold What ever happened with this search?text?
Letter sent post MLA-interview implied that they have hired someone.
> Never got one.
They did hire someone (met her at SAA).

'U. of Oregon (Comp. Lit)

Deadline: Nov. 5
Ack. received by mail 11/14
Q: Has anyone heard anything from them post-acknowledgement?
MLA interview scheduled 12/15

'University of Regina (Saskatchewan)

Deadline: November 10
4/18: Rejection letter received

'U of South Dakota

Deadline: Nov. 1
Ack. rec'd by mail 11/19 (dtd. 11/12)
Phone Interview Scheduled: 11/21
See also posting at medieval

phone interview scheduled 2/29

Offer made and accepted, mid-March

'U of Texas, San Antonio

Deadline: November 30
Ack. rec'd by email 11/27
MLA interview scheduled 12/10
Anything new here????

As I was leaving after the interview, Allen told me that they would contact me late Jan. or early Feb. because one of them was traveling until Jan. 9th. I haven't heard from them. This, of course, doesn't mean that they don't have a #1 and #2 choice that they have already contacted, but it might also mean that they really are delaying a long time before contact. I don't know, but wish I did.

A friend has a campus visit scheduled (1/17)
rejection letter mailed 1/23

'U of Toronto, Scarborough

Deadline: November 15
Ack. rec'd by email 11/19
Q. Has anyone had any kind of interview set up of any kind?
Also dying to know whether anyone has heard anything beyond the email ack of application receipt

A friend of mine had an MLA interview. hire per email 5/30

'U of Tulsa

(in a British literary field after 1500 and before 1800 who specializes in print culture, history of the book, and/or history of drama)
More materials request: 11/12
MLA Interview request: 12/4

'U of Virginia

Deadline: October 17
Ack. rec'd by email 10/19
See interview postings at medieval and restoration/18th century pages
MLA Interview scheduled 12/6
Job acceptance announced over UVA English Dept. electronic list 1 offer has been accepted. There are 2 hires going on.

'U of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

Deadline: November 16
MLA Interview Scheduled 12/11

'U of Wisconsin-Madison (rank open)

Deadline: November 1
More materials req 11/9; 11/20; 11/20
MLA Interview Scheduled 12/14
First round campus visits completed 3/11

'U of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Deadline: November 12
MLA interview scheduled, 12/13, 12/14

Any news on scheduled job talks? Or formal offers?

Campus visit request by email 1/21

'Virginia Polytechnic Inst & SU

Deadline: 10/22
MLA Interviews Scheduled (11/30)
Campus visit scheduled 1/7 Offer Made 2-20 Offer accepted

'Wayne State U

Deadline: November 9
More materials request: 10/29 (3); 11/10; 11/13
Rejection Email: 11/20 (4)
See also posting at restoration_and_18th_century_british
MLA Interview scheduled by phone: 12/18(3) (1 notified by email and then called to schedule) Campus Visit requested 12/31 (2)
Campus Visit requested 1/2 Were all of these requests exclusively for the early modern search, or are any of them also for the feminist/queer theory position?
A (1/7): Early modern (2) So the three Wikians who got WSU MLA interviews were also the three candidates nationwide to get flybacks? Go Wiki! And congrats!

'Willamette U (OR)

Deadline: November 5
Ack rec'd 10/30
Request for writing sample, dossier, syllabi: 11/15 (4)
MLA interview scheduled 12/10 (5)
Rejection letter mailed 12/13
campus interview scheduled 1/3

Q (1/4): I thought they were not meeting about campus visits until mid-January? Talented person who landed one, would you mind confirming?
A: Not the person, but I doubt an applicant could shed light on the U's internal process. Often committees will give a longer timeframe than they actually need, to allow for organizational snags and disagreements about interviewees. Indeed, many committees make decisions right after the last interview, and call either right away or as soon as whatever bylaws technicality allows. On the bright side, you'll notice various dates for the same school on campus visit calls: no doubt some schools are calling their top 1 or 2 immediately, and then hashing out their second or third choice later.
Campus interview scheduled 1/17 note to all: A person above was right! not great to know you're #2 or 3, but certainly better than the slush pile
Take heart: all bets are off when it comes to campus visits. #1 can blow it, or seem less impressive after the hype, or can wind up with another job. # 2 or 3 can surprise and "be more wondered at/ By breaking through the foul and ugly mists". Best of luck!

'Wright State

Deadline: Nov. 26
Request for Writing Sample, dossier, etc: 11-9
MLA interviews scheduled (12/4)
campus interview scheduled 1/4

'Xavier U of Louisiana (open rank)

Deadline: Nov 15
(for interviews at SCMLA: Oct 15) Well, did they interview at the SCMLA?
MLA interview request: 11/8 (2) [hmm, they arranged interviews before the deadline] [Yes, they contacted me for an interview less than 24 hours after I e-mailed them my application; I guess they review apps as they receive them.][Good luck on the interview.] [Thanks.]

'Yale U

Deadline: Nov. 1
Ack rec'd 10/30; 12/6
Request for more materials (11/7)
Writing Sample request (11/26, 12/10)
MLA Interview request (12/21)
3 campus visits scheduled: 1 early modern, 2 very modern
3 offers made (2/14): 1 early modern, 2 very modern

Anyone know if/how this changes things?

This search is unrelated to the junior searches advertised on the MLA JIL; it's due to a recent faculty retirement.

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