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This is the official capital of the Empire of the Solar Throne. It's population (including humans and animal-human hybrids but not robots and computers) is over 80 million living in underground cities working in hydroponic gardens with water supplies and infrared lights growing food, mining for metals and minerals, working in factories manufacturing various items, or operating their own businesses providing goods and services. The seat of the Solar Throne is in the city of Cabasorant, also called Imperial Central, an underground city in the southern hemisphere of Mercury. Some robots and computers on Mercury have A.I., but most lack true intelligence.


This planet has been terraformed to Earth-like conditions by now. Venus has generally a warmer climate than Earth, more oceans, and less dry land. Animal-human hybrids are more likely to live here than true humans are. Very few robots and computers here have A.I. There are two main continents on Venus: Ishtar in the northern heisphere and Aphrodite in the south. The overwhelming majority of the Venusian surface is composed of a world ocean which is composed of "fresh" water instead of the salt water typically found in Earth oceans and countless islands and mobile, floating cities. The continent of Ishtar, part of Aphrodite, and some smaller islands and floating cities are controlled by the Empire of the Solar Throne. The rest of the planet is governed by the Venusian Nationalist Party. Fishing, the raising of certain meat animals, and the growth of certain Venusian fruits dominate the local economy, though there is some underwater mining on the ocean floor and a degree of manufacturing by some of the floating cities.


This ancient homeworld of humanity is ruled by a council of hundreds of artificially intelligent personalities which both occupy a global computer network and millions of independent robot bodies. These A.I.s lord over a population of 20 billion organic beings, including baseline (genetically unaltered) humans, variant (genetically altered) humans, and animal-human hybrids. The planetary economy is mostly industrial with some agriculture. The organics reproduce more by cloning than by natural biological means. Earth sometimes engages in free trade with the Empire of the Solar Throne and other foreign powers, but this planet sometimes is at war with the Solar Throne.

The A.I.s of Earth have developed vehicles using a modified version of the time-dilation drive utilized on interstellar spacecraft allowing them to travel to other versions of Earth in parallel/alternate universes, thereby becoming Transdimensional Void Runners.


Earth's moon is politically dominated by the Empire of the Solar Throne, though it's population of 14 million humans (both baseline and genetically altered), six million human-animal hybrids, and 12,000 A.I. personalities (who occupy both stationary computers and mobile robot bodies) have a degree of local autonomy via the Lunar Assembly with elected representatives, though the central government of the Empire (via the Solar Throne) can veto local laws. The local economy is largely dependent on mining and interplanetary trade.


The planet Mars is no longer the so-called Red Planet of countless centuries ago. Due to terraforming, it has a number of seas with fresh (non-salt) water and it's dry land is partially covered by vegetation. The three local powers here are the private megacorporation Mega Mars Mercantile, the Empire of the Solar Throne, and the democratic oriented Free Mars Republic. Few robots and computers on Mars have A.I., and there are also few human-animal hybrids. Humans on Mars number 45 million (mostly baseline). The Martian economy is evenly balaced between agriculture, manufacturing, commerce in goods and services, and offworld trade. The two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, are military bases of the Empire of the Solar Throne. Wars between the three main political factions are rare and brief when they occur.


The Empire of the Solar Throne has military bases and a mining industry in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, which it shares with independent mini-nations and space pirates in the belt. Conflict between the Empire and the pirates is frequent, and the independent governments here try to remain neutral, but sometimes they get caught up in the armed conflicts.

Government on the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and on the dwarf planets, comets, and ice-and-rock asteroids of the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud is divided into dozens of factions, with unity to two loose coalitions called the Blue Alliance and the Red Unity. The Empire of the Solar Throne favors the Blue Alliance.

Few robots and computers in this part of space have A.I., though genetically-altered, aritificially-cloned humans and human-animal hybrids are extremely frequent.

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